New Products


The Z-Spray Mini Max

The 2009 Z-Spray Mini Max from L.T. Rich is a junior version of the Z-Max. It is powered by a 9 hp Briggs Vanguard engine and has a 35.5-inch width, making it accessible to gated properties. The split, 7-gallon spray tanks allow for multiple liquid products and can run independent of each other, with agitation on both tanks. The unit features a 3 GPM spray pump and three-section boom with 25-inch coil hose, as well as a hydraulic hopper system, 150-pound fertilizer capacity and zero-turn pump wheel motor transmission. The top ground speed is 8 mph and it has a GPS speedometer.

The Z-Spray Mini Max can be carried on a carrier rack instead of a trailer.

Quiet Application

The WS-485 Grounds Wheelie II is the newest spreader in Wheel Spray Corporation’s product line and features a motorless system for quiet, low profile chemical applications. The WS-485 delivers chemicals by the speed at which the sprayer is pushed, therefore, the faster it is pushed, the faster it pumps.

The unit applies liquid fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides and growth regulators. The twin wheel pumps spray a fan of solution 6 feet wide at the rate of 1 gallon per 1,000 square feet. The shut-off controls, located on the handle grips, allow the operator to use the two nozzles independently.

New Three-Section Shielded Sprayer

ProLawn’s Model EZTFM133 three-section shielded sprayer has a state-of-the-art shield design and EZ curtain replacement rail system. Other features include a heavy-duty 30-gallon tank design that sprays up to 5.5 acres per tank. Other tank features include a wider lid opening, wider vented screw-on top, a deep, 10-inch-wide spill well and Dura Grip tank hold down system. Optional wand kits available. Various attachment hardware mounts available for most front-mount mowers including Grasshopper, Walker, John Deere, Toro, Ventrac, Gravely, Hustler, etc., and utility vehicles.


Glyphosate-Based Weed Control

Agrisel USA, Inc. has introduced GlyPhos-Sel Pro 41, a glyphosate-based herbicide that controls more than 100 weed species. It is labeled for full agriculture, turf/ornamental, Roundup Ready and non-crop use.

The postemergent herbicide offers virtually no regrowth, and binds tightly to soil particles and has low volatility.

Available in a variety of package sizes.

Control Through the Shoots, Not Roots

Starfighter herbicide is the latest addition to Phoenix Environmental Care’s product line. Starfighter is a preemergent herbicide that contains the active ingredient oxidiazon, and is available in a 3.17-pound flowable and a 2 percent granular formulation. Controlled weeds include crabgrass, goosegrass, field sandbur, annual sedge, annual bluegrass, Virginia buttonweed, pigweed, Florida pusley, oxalis, stinging nettle and carpetgrass. It can be tank-mixed with other Phoenix Environmental Care products and can be used for long, residual preemergent weed control, even in areas that may need to be sprigged or where turfgrass roots are already weakened.