New Snowblower Attachment From Bobcat



Bobcat Company has introduced an all-new, ultra-durable snowblower attachment to make quick work of winter drifts. It features an increased intake height and bigger auger to draw more snow into the blower and clear more flakes in less time.

“We’ve enhanced this latest model as the ultimate snow-handling attachment, helping clear snow faster and more efficiently, allowing operators to make fewer passes for quick area cleaning,” said Kelly Humble, senior marketing manager of product planning at Doosan Bobcat North America.

Equipped with nine different width options and numerous motor packages, the Bobcat snowblower attachments provide owners with a match for their loader models, as well as for the application—from wide-open sites like driveways and parking lots to narrow spaces like sidewalks.

The snowblower features an ultra-durable direct-drive, sprocket-style chute rotation. It enables operators to point snow in virtually any direction and place it wherever the job requires – even in hard-to-reach places such as the middle of lawns, in ditches, or inside wooded areas along a path. It’s powerful enough to break through ice buildup and eliminates chains, which can rust, loosen, or break. The chute delivers 270˚ of rotation for a wide range of accurate snow placement and a 15˚ increase over previous designs.

The chute’s rounded intake provides a smoother surface to roll the snow into the feed impeller, rather than pushing it. This design minimizes clogging and reduces resistance for improved snow flow through the attachment, and better productivity. The optional truck-loading chute allows the operator to place snow high into a truck and simplify hauling. High-flow models capture extra available hydraulic horsepower from the carrier, which enables clearing through deep drifts and heavy snow while throwing it farther.

An additional feature includes easily adjustable skid shoes mounted to the sides of the snowblower. This allows operators to raise or lower the clearing depth to match the surface of the job site. The skid shoes not only make it easy to maintain ground alignment, but they can also help guide operators along curbs or walls – while preventing contact with the snowblower itself. Designed for long-wear life and easily replaceable, the new skid shoes provide long-wearing durability and superior control.

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