What’s In My Truck: North Point Outdoors


Andrew Pelkey, co-owner of North Point Outdoors, a full-service landscape, irrigation and snow business in Derry, New Hampshire, says that the right fleet is essential in keeping his $4-million operation running smoothly.

The company’s fleet is comprised of 20 Ford and Chevrolet 1-ton dump trucks and 3/4 pick-ups, along with one International Truck with the mulch blowing unit mounted on. Pelkey, himself, drives a 2015 Chevy 2500 Diesel Crew Cab Pick Up Truck and says the 2500 series allows for the ability to tow when he needs to. It also allows him to hang an 8.5 Fisher v-plow on it for the winter months, which is an essential in their part of the snow-heavy state of New Hampshire. We recently caught up with Pelkey to find out what else he keeps in his truck.

I use my music library on my iPhone regularly. It makes the 25,000 miles a year easier to deal with.

On the road I maintain a mobile office with my laptop and iPhone. I use a mobile hotspot off my iPhone to allow for internet access. Using a log-in service, I am able to directly connect to my desktop computer from my laptop in the truck. This allows me to have direct access to our server in our office as well as our CRM software.

In between appointments I often find a place to park, switch over to the passenger seat and get to work. During the spring when things are really busy, I don’t have time between appointments and meetings to get into the office and put together estimates and bids or respond to email. The laptop allows me to quickly set up a mobile office and remain productive between appointments.

My truck is equipped with an in-dash navigation system. I also have Onstar service, which has live weather. That’s very helpful in this industry.

My truck is branded with a small company logo under the 2500 markings on the front doors, a small logo on the tailgate, and the company “Compass Leaf” on the top passenger side of my windshield. The branding size and overall appearance of my truck is smaller and less apparent than the fleet vehicles. It provides a happy medium to allow me to be recognizable during the work week, but not so overbearing on the weekends when I use it for personal use.

I am a bit of a neat freak. I only keep the items I really need in my truck. I find that having things clean and in order keeps me organized and mentally sound to handle the inflow of information thrown at me from day to day.

I carry a collapsible fishing rod. If I end up by a stream at the end of the day, it’s always good to be prepared.

The Essentials

Electric Sunglasses — I have been wearing this brand for more than 10 years. I always have a pair in the truck year-round.

Dell Inspiron 15” Laptop with wireless mouse — Part of my mobile office.

iPhone 6 and charger — In New Hampshire we are now hands-free so the Bluetooth capability that connects to my truck allows me to take phone calls from crew leaders in the field, managers or calls from the office.

Lufkin Measuring Wheel — Used for measuring when I’m on the jobsite.

Ziplevel Pro-2000 High Precession Altimeter — The Ziplevel allows me to measure grades for potential walls, patios and stairs. I also use it to double check slopes for lawn installation work.

Graph paper and pencil — Whether I am taking notes for a full design/build project or just a simple walkway and set of stairs, I like to sketch things out.

Wintergreen mints — Because nobody likes to have bad breath.