Oaks Pavers Launches Design Visualizer


Oaks Pavers, a paving stone and wall block manufacturer, has launched a new Landscape Design Visualizer that allows users to play with a broad range of colors, patterns and materials to create custom landscaping designs. Created by Chameleon Power, a leader in visualization technologies for the building and decorating industries, the tool allows customers to view Oaks Pavers products using pre-made scenes, or by uploading their own projects.

Landscape Design VisualizerThe Landscape Design Visualizer helps users to imagine how their landscape design ideas will look in real-world applications.

“Industry leaders typically embrace our tools first, and Oaks Pavers is a leader in the manufacturing of various landscape products,” said Dan Dempsey, President of Chameleon Power. “Visualization is quickly becoming a standard in landscape design, and we are happy to provide this experience to the Oaks Pavers customers.”

Chameleon Power visualizers shorten the design cycle and enhance customer satisfaction. Websites that utilize Chameleon visualizers enjoy increased user time of more than 3X and sales increases of more than 75%. The Landscape Design Visualizer is integrated into the Oaks Pavers website, accessible via the homepage.

View the Oaks Pavers Landscape Design Visualizer here.