Get Equipped: Pesticides And Fertilizers

An assortment of pesticides and fertilizers that can add value to the professional lawn care and landscaping services you offer your clients.

Compiled by Turf Editors
From the February 2023 Issue

This assortment of pesticides and fertilizers can add value to your professional lawn care and landscaping services.


Pesticides And Fertilizers0-0-25 GreeneKick™ Potassium Turf Fertilizer From Greene County

0-0-25 GreeneKick is a liquid concentrated formula that provides 100% soluble potassium to plants. It is derived from high quality Potassium Carbonate to help correct potassium deficiency and improve stress tolerance. It can be applied through foliar and root feeding and does not contain chlorides which usually cause salt buildup. It has a low salt index to avoid over-saturation of soil. Product is safe for use on all turf types, ornamental plants, and trees. Apply when potassium deficiency is present or as a regularly scheduled potassium application as part of a fertility program. GreeneKick™ can be mixed with slightly acidic, neutral, and alkaline solutions.

FoamstreamWeedingtech Foamstream

Formulated from 100% natural plant oils and sugars, Foamstream can be used in any weather and on any surface, including environmentally sensitive areas and those close to children or animals. The foam kills the weed, damages the root, and sterilizes seeds and spores to reduce regrowth. Available in different sizes and with different power options, the Foamstream M600H unit is suitable to mount on a variety of UTV’s. Other features of the M600H include: quick start up, simple operation, and hose length of 65″. The M600H is Weedingtech’s first hybrid unit, combining Lithium-Ion battery power with the efficiency of a diesel-powered boiler. The M600H offers a flow rate of six liters per minute.

Pesticides And FertilizersSePro Cutless QuickStop

Cutless QuickStop™ is a foliar landscape plant growth regulator that reduces trimming requirements 30% to 70% and improves the aesthetic appeal of landscapes. Cutless QuickStop works rapidly to suppress terminal growth on a wide-range of plants, leading to more compact growth requiring less trimming. The product can provide several months of regulation, reducing the number of applications throughout the year. Cutless QuickStop is effective on a wide range of species and has low phytotoxicity potential. Treated plants will also demonstrate darker green foliage.

fertilizers and pesticidesArborjet | Ecologel AzaSol

AzaSol is a 6% Azadiractin, non-oil based insecticide and growth regulator derived from the neem tree and currently registered in all states. It is systemic and translaminar, and OMRI Listed for organic use. Through its patented production process, AzaSol provides a potent and environmentally friendly insect control solution for trees, shrubs, gardens, vegetables, fruit trees, and herbs. It can be used as a spray, soil drench, tree injection or used through chemigation. AzaSol provides control for a wide variety of insect pests including: whiteflies, leafminers, scale, mealybugs, thrips, aphids, psyllids, flies, sawflies, caterpillars, beetles, weevils, borers, mole crickets, and mushrooms flies.

Pesticides And FertilizersLebanonTurf E-Blend Restoration™

LebanonTurf’s E-Blend Restoration™ is a maintenance and starter fertilizer product line. Powered by MESA®, the products deliver quick green-up and long-term healthy feeding. With more than twice the amount of carbon compared to traditional synthetic fertilizers, the line’s high level of humic acid has a beneficial impact on soil. Recycled nutrients in the form of biosolids add organic matter and provide slow-release nitrogen that won’t leach through the soil profile.


ECO-TURF™ From Bionetix®

ECO-TURF™ is a biofertilizer rich in organic based nutrients and containing plant extracts that work to boost healthy grass development. ECO-TURF can be used on all types of turfgrass in warm and cool seasons. A concentrated supply of non-pathogenic bacteria (75 million CFU/g) in ECO-TURF further promotes growth by decomposing debris to enrich the soil and make nutrients more accessible. ECO-TURF improves turf vigor, decreases the effects of stress, and develops overall balanced growth. ECO-TURF can replace standard fertilizers at regular application times wherever healthier grass is desired.

insecticide, Pesticides And FertilizersLESCO Trivium-G

Trivium-G is a granular insecticide powered by three of the latest and most powerful active ingredients when it comes to residual insect control. Fipronil, Bifenthrin, and Lambda Cyhalothrin have been combined in one uniform granule to deliver fast and long-lasting fire ant control. The LESCO Trivium-G granule combines two unique modes of action to maximize results in a single application. Features include: Verge® Technology to ensure uniform distribution and coverage; minimal PPE required; two unique modes of action—GABA inhibitor and sodium channel blocker; and a no-dust formula to keep applicators clean throughout treatment. Easily applied by broadcast or drop spreaders, one application can provide up to a year of fire ant control.

weed killerNeudorff Fiesta® Granular Weed & Feed (8-0-1)

The new granular form of Fiesta® Turf Weed Killer provides post-emergent broadleaf weed control and pre-emergent smooth crabgrass control. It kills weeds, moss, and algae—not turf. Derived from iron, it’s rainfast within 24 hours and has no unpleasant odor. People and pets can enter treated areas after granules are no longer visible. Fiesta Granular Weed & Feed works in temperatures between 50°F and 85°F and can be used on newly seeded lawns before germination. One 20-pound bag treats up to 6,670 square feet. The 2-in-1 fertilizer and weed killer will be available soon from distributors nationwide.