Portable Sanitation Spray For Crews On The Go

The Extreme Mist Portable Sanitation System (PSS).


Do your crews ever worry about riding in the same truck during the pandemic? What about ensuring communal landscape equipment is germ free? ExtremeMist, based in Arizona, is working to make CDC-recommended sanitation more accessible for businesses with its Portable Sanitation System (PSS). Derived from Ron Laikind’s ExtremeMist Portable Cooling System, this sanitization delivery mechanism is a convenient, efficient, and effective solution to address sterilization and sanitation in spaces. All you have to do is throw it on like a hydration backpack, put on your mask, and sanitize.

The ExtremeMist PSS is a remote controlled eight-speed mist system, that puts you in total control of the antimicrobial dispersion process. It enables the user to spray areas (with most solutions) while people are still on premise. The device works with any of the EPA and CDC’s recommended sanitation solutions.

Unlike mass-area, electrostatic sprayers, the portable sanitizing system can reach approximately 36″ at the highest speed. Traditional Foggers allow solutions to linger in the air for much longer periods of time and should only be used in vacated spaces. By utilizing ExtremeMist’s unique Blue Pump Technology, the ExtremeMist PSS atomizes your solutions (up to 170 PSI) into a fine mist cloud that dries quickly on lower the speeds for a higher density coverage. This allows spraying of solutions indoors without harming people in the process.

For rideshares, ExtremeMist partnered with a car partition company to give piece of mind to both drivers and passengers, ensuring safe rides to. The ExtremeMist PSS can safely sanitize all areas of a vehicle where passengers are sitting.

The PSS can be used to spray both small and large areas with far superior coverage (4000-5000 sq. ft. per hour) over traditional trigger style spray bottles. The System is portable, cordless, and battery powered. It’s also lightweight, easy to operate, and comfortable to wear.