10 Productivity Success Tips from the Pros


No matter the size of your company or team, the leader sets the standard and the tone for productivity in the business. Knowing this can put a great deal of pressure on a landscape industry owner or manager. However, it is also empowering. Nearly every highly successful landscape business owner started small. Most learned their productivity secrets through trial and error over time, and the great majority of them continue to strive for improvement.

Talk to enough successful business owners and consultants, and you’ll start to recognize the patterns of behavior that lead to success.

Here are some words of wisdom gleaned from the greats:

1. Hire people smarter and more skilled than you are, and give them freedom to excel.

2. Document everything.

3. Track your time.

4. Protect your time. Interruptions are huge productivity killers, so train your team that a closed door means “do not disturb.”

5. Schedule specific times to check email and voicemail; put these things out of your mind outside those times.

6. Handle each incoming email once: either answer it, file it or trash it. Don’t leave it until later.

7. An hour spent organizing can save countless hours of panic and frustration.

8. Get involved in the industry.

9. Seek out mentors.

10. Exercise and feed yourself right: the state of your body affects the state of your mind.

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