Progressive Offers Savings With New Fleet Management Tool


As small businesses struggle to survive the pandemic, strategies to optimize operations and save money become even more crucial. Progressive Insurance, a top commercial auto insurer and leader in usage-based insurance (UBI), now offers Snapshot ProView®, a voluntary UBI that helps business owners manage their fleets more effectively and save money on insurance. Customers who sign up for the program save a minimum of 5% on their Progressive Commercial Auto policy for their initial term and have the potential to save up to 18% annually based on vehicle type and nature of business use.Progressive

Businesses receive the initial discount just for signing up and installing the Progressive-provided device in all eligible vehicles. Fleets of three or more vehicles will have access to the Fleet Dashboard with near real-time vehicle location details, geofencing notifications, and trip-tracking. It enables commercial customers to see when an employee gets to a job site, how they get there, and if they are driving safely— which helps improve the bottom line and create operational efficiencies. All business owners also receive monthly emails with personalized safety insights.

“Snapshot ProView empowers business owners to potentially reduce their insurance costs by encouraging their employees to drive safely” said John Barbagallo, Progressive’s Commercial Lines President. “We’re constantly innovating to offer more products and services to our customers, and by utilizing our extensive UBI experience gained through our long-running Snapshot® and our Smart Haul® programs, we now can extend an UBI offering to all small business owners.”

Snapshot ProView joins Smart Haul®, Progressive’s UBI program for commercial truck drivers, which uses Electronic Logging Device (ELD) data to provide safe driving discounts. Snapshot ProView is for all other Commercial Auto customers not required by federal law to have an ELD. Business owners should be aware that it’s possible the driving data will cause a change, including a potential increase, to the premium at renewal—dependent on where, when, and how drivers in the fleet drive.

In 2019, Progressive piloted SmartTrip, a commercial vehicle UBI program. The data obtained from that test, combined with insights gained from more than twenty-five billion miles of Snapshot driving data and over 400 million miles of Smart Haul data, informed Progressive’s creation of Snapshot ProView.

To learn more about Snapshot ProView, watch this video, call 1-877-656-7707, speak with an agent, or visit the site.