Protecting Your “Hallowed Ground” From Halloween Mishaps



What’s not to love about Halloween?! Parties, decorating, dressing up in costume, and candy are all great… but what about when trick-or-treaters trample turf? Or inflatables send grass to its grave? It can take a toll on your personal version of hallowed ground—a newly overseeded yard or perfectly manicured lawn. For many, the joys of displaying an oversized headless horsemen or inflatable spider is simply worth the risk of lawn damage. But for those who find the idea simply terrifying, these tips are for you:


Prep for hordes of zombies (and witches, ghosts, etc)! Tee Time Lawn Care offers these dos and don’ts to ready a lawn for trick-or-treaters:

  • Do clear out leaves, sticks, and other debris which can cause mold and disease to spread.
  • Don’t water the lawn. Wet grass is not only slippery, but can leave a lawn susceptible to footprint damage.
  • Do mow the grass just before Halloween to protect it from matting due to foot traffic.

Crossing over (a property, that is)! Use jack o’lanterns, landscape lights, or decorations to guide trick or treaters along hardscape paths, recommends EnJay Property Maintenance. Or take advantage of a driveway and relocate candy to the garage door rather than the front door. Fake cemetery fencing and other strategies can be used to block off vulnerable turfgrass areas.

Be afraid of inflatables, be very afraid!  Inflatables + grass = potential dead spot. Consider natural or hanging decorations if you really want to protect your lawn. Or, if decorating with inflatables, aim for a spot on hardscape. If grass is the only option, try to move the inflatable around a bit.

Raise the dead (grass)! So you went with the inflatable anyway and now you have a dead-looking spot? According to Advanced Turf Solutions, gently rake the area (or use a leaf blower) where the inflatable was to raise the grass blades. Then mow to remove any dead tips and make them healthier. Finally, consider watering your lawn to give it an extra boost. A product like Grow-In will also help your lawn recover from any stressful run-ins with blow-up decorations.

Photos: Adobe Stock