What’s In My Truck: Scott Sindall


As a field manager at Ruppert Landscape, Scott Sindall is responsible for the success of several landscape maintenance projects in the Forestville, Maryland, area, on top of other key tasks like hiring and training his crews, project planning and communication with clients. With his 2016 Ford F-450 Super Duty, Sindall is able to get around the area to oversee projects and transport necessities. Big enough to carry plant material in the truck bed and powerful enough to haul the trailer of equipment (which includes mowers, leaf vacuums, push blowers, two-cycle equipment and a variety of tools), the truck also seats six and features a custom aluminum dump body. Sindall says his branded vehicle serves as one of the branch’s primary marketing tools and that in a well-maintained state it has the power to “speak volumes” about Ruppert’s image and standards. We recently caught up with Sindall to find out more about his vehicle and how it helps him get the job done right.

Communication is so important — when appropriate. I carry my work phone (a Galaxy S7), work tablet (Galaxy Tab A), as well as my personal iPhone 7 Plus in order to communicate with my customers, crew and co-workers. But we have a zero distractions policy, so I only use these when the truck is parked.

I always keep my truck clean inside and out because not only am I representing myself, I’m also representing my branch and the Ruppert company. I also work much better in an organized environment.

Our fleet vehicles are branded and kept to a very high standard. This enhances our image, increases efficiency, helps us maintain employee morale and elevates pride in our company.

Our fleet vehicles are equipped with DriveCam. It records eight seconds prior to and four seconds after an event to determine how and why it may have occurred. An event is any driving irregularity that triggers a recording — it can be anything from sudden braking to hopping a curb or taking a turn too quickly. Events are reviewed daily and drivers are coached on safe and proper driving methods. This helps foster good driving habits and prevent accidents before they happen.

The Essentials

My Day-Timer — It helps me keep track of everything at my different jobsites.

My Galaxy Tablet — I use this to review maps and job details with my crew as well as take pictures and detailed notes for my clients.

Coffee — Getting up early in the morning means coffee is essential. I report to the shop at 5:45 a.m., and my crew and I leave the yard for our first jobsite at 6:05 a.m.

A full water cooler — It’s important to stay hydrated, especially on those hot summer days.

Extra ear plugs, safety glasses, work gloves and rain suits — These always seem to get lost or broken so I always keep extra on hand.

We also keep pink princess sunglasses in the truck for anyone who forgets their own that day! — We like to look out for each other and have an eye for fashion.

My North Face Backpack — I keep my job binder, training manual, tablet and all other necessities in it.