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A lot of readers responded to our publisher’s editorial entitled “Losing ‘Green’” in the May issue. In the essay, David said that we will soon lose the use of the term “Green Industry” to the emerging field of companies who are offering products and services aimed at helping slow “climate change.” Here’s a few of the responses we got.


Loved your article about the “green industry.” While some may agree that it’s not a big deal, it’s a little piece of history, an identity, an association—that is being stripped from us. It’s sad in its own way. Any one of us would fight to hold on to our company name, our logo and our identity. Yet, our “green” is fading fast. The new “green industry” is the current political buzzword of the decade, inevitably soon to be replaced by something else, I’m sure. Projects are now being certified “green.” Professionals are now taking classes to major in “green.” The government is offering loans and grants to build “green.” Manufacturers are scrambling to advertise “green.”

And, through it all, our industry continues to maintain, embellish and enhance the lands’ “green”—the first, the original “green,” the yards around our homes, our gardens, our play spaces and our sanctuaries. And, we will continue to do so because we know that these “greens” will provide consistency, longevity and love to all those who grace them.

When “green” building is gone and we’re catering to a new political fad, the lawn care, landscape and other turf-related companies will still be “staying” the course, continuing to maintain the health, safety and quality-of-life issues that will secure generations to come.

Thanks for an avenue for my response.

Darlene Ondercin
Cleveland Quarries, Vermillion, Ohio


I’m writing to answer your question in this month’s editorial, “ … what the heck are we going to call ourselves?” I can’t take any credit for this, because it’s already on the front cover of your magazine: “Turf Care Professionals.” It is far more descriptive of what “green industry” companies do than the term you are losing; but more importantly, it promotes what you do as being a profession instead of being one step above what we all used to do as teen-agers: mow the neighbor’s yard for a few bucks. I say, grab that title; promote it; and, most importantly, benefit from it. Let the tree huggers, the naturalists and the rest of those who are fighting global climate change have the term “green.” You’ll be just fine without it.

David E. Noble, Executive Director
River View Cemetery Association, Portland, Ore.


I would not mind being co-opted by a segment of the market that is associated with solutions to climate change. But, guess what, we are part of the solution!

Michael Matthews, President
For-Shore Weed Control, Inc.
New Jersey

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