Six Reasons To Consider Sod Solutions Pro For Landscape Renovations

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Sod Solutions

Sod Solutions has been researching, developing and releasing to the market new turfgrass varieties for the past 27 years. The new professionally focused arm of the company, Sod Solutions Professionals, takes that industry knowledge and puts it to use, facilitating large-scale turfgrass projects from beginning to end.Landscape Renovations


Choosing a grass for a wide range of landscape challenges can make or break a project. Different landscapes, geographies, applications and even soil pH levels could call for different grass varieties. Each cultivar has specific features (like shade tolerance) that make them more suitable for certain applications than others.

“Our mission is to make sure the right grass is being used in the right location to produce the best long-term success for our clients,” said Sod Solutions Pro director, Erin Wilder.

This team of professionals is adequately prepared to help landscape architects, home builders, sports turf managers, superintendents and stakeholders make the best decisions during a renovation.Sod Solutions Pro


Here are six reasons to consider using Sod Solutions Professionals for your next landscape or field or golf course renovation:

1. SELECTION CONSULTING: The Sod Solutions Professional team looks at the pros and cons of each product, answers your technical questions and connects you with real professional users to provide a complete understanding and confidence in the product you choose to specify. We also offer “lunch and learns” onsite and online webinars to educate your staff on turfgrass options.

2. PRODUCT SOURCING: No job is too large or too small. Sod Solutions Pro has a dedicated network of over 250 sod farms worldwide. From small parks to entire communities and golf courses, we can source projects from one or multiple farms if need be. Whether you are in the initial budgeting stage or need to order grass immediately, the Sod Solutions Pro team will provide you with availability data and pricing for your project.

3. SPECIFICATION WRITING: Sod Solutions Pro will create specifications for submission with the project scope and the grass variety that you have selected.

4. DELIVERY / INSTALLATION LOGISTICS: Sod Solutions Pro will find the farm, schedule the delivery and manage the installation of the grass when you need it. Door to door, the team takes the burden of grass logistics to a new technological level with its proprietary farm management software, Turf Logistics.

Customer service and logistics is a key component to achieving success and the Sod Solutions Professionals team is up to the challenge with full time logistics and customer service staff to coordinate deliveries and solve issues with customers and farms.

5. FINANCING: Sod Solutions Pro works with banking infrastructure to take on the financial strain of financing large grassing projects. Fees are minimal and worth the headaches it reduces for your team.

6. MAINTENANCE CONSULTING: Having issues with the health and vitality of your existing grass? Let the Sod Solutions Pro team of experts assist with on-site visits, problem diagnosis and solutions. These professionals will get to the bottom of the issues and lay out a plan to fix the problems.Landscape Renovations


If you are ready to begin a grass renovation project, please reach out to Sod Solutions Professionals to help you through the process. Visit for more information. You may also contact Pro Director Erin Wilder at or 850-510-5412.

Sod Solutions Professionals is part of Sod Solutions, a company based in the Charleston, SC area. Sod Solutions has helped successfully develop and release to the market over 20 different turfgrass varieties over the past 27 years including Palmetto and CitraBlue St. Augustine, EMPIRE and InnovationTM Zoysia and Celebration, Latitude 36 and NorthBridge Bermudagrass.