3 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)


Here are three common social media marketing mistakes businesses make and how to fix them to give your landscape or lawn care business a competitive edge.

Mistake #1: Using social media as an announcement board

Instead of posting a quick blurb that says, “Hey everyone, XYZ Product is here,” create quality content that gives back to the customer. For example, now that spring weather is here in many parts the country, customers are thinking about the health and appearance of their lawns. You can create an entire month of content around common issues your customers have with their landscapes or lawns.

Another strategy: Think of all the things that go into a lawn care program and how you can better educate your customer. Add visuals to help get your points across.

Consider adding a coupon with your digital message for new customers or for loyal satisfied customers who refer a new customer to make a buy. But, be prudent when offering incentives such as coupons, as they’re only worth sharing when they result in sales.

Mistake #2: Hiding your personality

Even in the digital world, we are attracted to people we know, like and trust. Most people want to support local businesses that give back to the community. If you’re one of those businesses, create some fun, picture-heavy posts of you and your crew out and about, promoting other local businesses, charities, coffee shops, etc.

Be personal, take some photos of your crew and tell a little bit about them, including some cool behind-the-scenes looks into the work they do. It can even be humorous as long as it is harmless and done in a positive spirit. Share a glimpse into those things you do that connects us all.

Mistake #3: Not budgeting for social media advertising

Paying for social media advertising to get in front of your audience should be a part of your marketing. Organic reach is very hard to come by these days, as the landscape gets more and more competitive. Allocate some of your marketing budget to some sort of pay-per-click or social media advertising.

Social advertising is generally 40-60 percent less expensive than traditional advertising and print, it also allows you to more precisely target specific demographics you are looking to serve, retarget website visitors and drive specific behaviors for measurable outcomes (building your email list, claiming a coupon or offer, driving traffic to a specific page on your website, etc.). Learn more about Facebook Ads and Advertising on Twitter to get started.

What trends do you plan to implement in your social media marketing?

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