Software Update: WorkWave Acquires Real Green Systems


WorkWaveWorkWave a provider of software solutions for field service companies, has acquired Real Green Systems, a provider of field service solutions in the green service industries. The merger of these two companies will allow Real Green to advance more quickly and WorkWave to embrace the depth of Real Green’s expertise in the green industries. While the Real Green solution and PestPac will remain separate, additional product offerings that support customer growth will combine forces to maximize development and value.

“After years of watching WorkWave develop alongside Real Green, we’ve long known that the combination of these two companies would create something special,” said Bill Nunan, President and CEO of Real Green, who will stay on as the head of Real Green operations within WorkWave.

“This acquisition is something rarely seen. It is two successful, fast-growing, market-leading companies coming together to create something truly special,” said David F. Giannetto, CEO of WorkWave. “… We have tremendous respect for the Real Green team, and the goal of this acquisition is to not just allow them to continue to lead the green industries forward, but to help them make an even greater impact.”

WorkWave helps companies grow their business, service their customers, and maximize their money through scalable, cloud-based software solutions that support every stage of a business life cycle, including marketing, sales, service delivery, customer interaction, and financial transactions.

Real Green Systems provides software and marketing solutions for the lawn care, landscaping, arbor care, and pest control industries. Its flagship solution is Service Assistant, a customer relationship management software used by companies worldwide.