Soil Amendments and Conditioners


Featured Soil Amendments and Conditioners

Jonathan Green

MAG-I-CAL is an enhanced, pelletized fertilizer containing a highly soluble form of calcium, which is readily available for plant uptake or soil pH adjustment.

Tech Terra

1 2 3 Instant Compost Tea is produced from Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria and fungi. PGPR supplies microbial and fungal populations to the root system.

Vitamin Institute

SUPERthrive contains 50 vitamins and hormones and can be added to a fertilizer program. It helps make tougher turf from seed, sod, sprigs and hydroseeding.

www.superthrive.comSoil Amendments and Conditioners

Becker Underwood

A full line of biostimulant products is formulated with naturally occurring fungi that increase the absorptive areas of roots and enhance nutrient and water uptake.

EP Minerals

AXIS firms up soggy soils, loosens hard soils, provides better drainage and aids in nutrient transfer, resulting in improved root growth and microbial activity.

Fisher & Son

Offers a variety of products, such as a soil conditioning fertilizer, copper sulfate soil amendment and a wide range of other fertilizers and nutrients.


Gro-Power Plus is a humus-based fertilizer and soil conditioner. Like all Gro-Power products, it is free of biosolids, animal manure and poultry waste.

Kelly’s Green Team

Maxi Cal Capsulated Pellets are a calcium nutrient fertilizer ideal for lawns, sod, new seeding, trees and more.

Naiad Co.

Naiad wetting agent products can serve a variety of needs. They are safe, affordable and biodegradable.

Nature’s Wonder

Organic APEX-10 enhances stress tolerance, including rebound from high traffic, while maximizing the effectiveness of fertility programs, irrigation and overseeding.

Perfect Blend Organics

4-4-4 Biotic Plant Food is a homogeneous, pH-balanced organic product providing a complete nutrient package with low odor and high solubility.


Revive combines lignins, chelated iron, surfactants and DPW to combat localized dry spots and compaction problems. It increases soil cation exchange.

Soil Mender Products

Manufactures four soil amendment product lines: Back to Earth, Soil Mender, Hu-Max and Yum Yum Mix. Also offers soil supplements and trace minerals.

Soil Technologies

Soil Success contains three species of beneficial mycorrhizal fungi and two species of Trichoderma fungi. Enhances root system, improves disease resistance.

Terawet Ventures

TeraGel (T-200) is a crystal soil polymer that has been engineered specifically for moisture retention, with the ability to release moisture to the plant on demand.

Turf Diagnostics & Design

Provides accredited laboratory testing services for soil, growing media, drainage aggregate and amendments, with programs for green roofs, structural soils and more.

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