The End of the Summer Doesn’t Mean the End of the Season


September is the beginning of the most-beautiful time of the year in this part of the country. As I write this in late-August, the trees in northern Vermont are already starting to change colors. The days are starting to get shorter and the night temperatures are abruptly cooler, and it’s obvious that summer is coming to an end.

For those in the green industry, though, things aren’t slowing down. September begins the busy season of preparing your clients’ lawns and landscaped areas for the long winter ahead. In fact, it is actually the best time of the year for lawn care. As we head into fall, the steps you take now will ensure healthy lawns next year.

Your fall program should include fertilization, applying products for weed control, controlling thatch and more; it is also the perfect opportunity to offer supplemental services like gutter clean-up, leaf raking and removal, driveway seal coating, etc., to increase revenue and become a full-service company. Even though the grass is starting to go dormant now, make sure your clients know that it’s not time to slow down on lawn care and landscaping services just yet. You may be starting to back off on mowing, but there is still plenty of work to be done.