Aquatrols has released a comprehensive guide to managing turfgrass salinity issues in soils and irrigation water, and it also supplements a line of soil and water quality management products released by the company earlier this year.

The purpose of the guide is to simplify the often confusing and contradictory information regarding water quality guidelines for turfgrass irrigation and salinity levels in turfgrass soils, according to the company. It’s crucial for turf managers to know the composition of their soils and water sources as slight variations in either can have profound effects on the appearance and health of turfgrass.

There are a number of different soil and water issues within the broad context of salinity,” said Tom Boerth, director of research and development at Aquatrols. “It’s imperative that soil and water tests be conducted so that the specific issue you are facing can be identified.”

In addition to offering tips on how to properly interpret soil and water quality test results, the full-color guide also suggests remedies to problems with salinity, sodicity and ion toxicity.

The "Guide to Assessing and Managing Turfgrass Salinity Issues in Irrigation Water and Soils" is currently available for free by request. You can obtain a copy by emailing with your name and contact information.