BINGHAMTON, N.Y. – Can children play checkers or chess and learn how to protect the environment at the same time?  Many of you would say "Absolutely!" and Green Way Pavements of Binghamton, New York, has helped make it possible.

Since the Children’s Museum and Discovery Center of Binghamton, New York, had a deteriorated concrete driveway, Zeljka Roksandic, owner of Green Way Pavements, decided to make a special donation. She designed an 11-by-11-foot checkerboard using EcoRaster Pavers, by alternating black and white gravel filled grid-pavers, surrounded by a white border. This environmental friendly product allows children and adults the ability to play life-size chess and checkers outdoors while learning about "Going Green".

According to Pokey Crocker, executive director of the Center, "Children love it, and the board members are very grateful." The center acquired a set of large checker and chessmen markers. Children can play their opponents individually or as a team. Best of all, it’s not a sit-down game-it’s exercise! You must walk your marker to the desired black or white paver space.