NEW PRAGUE, Minn. – The Turf & Ornamental Communicators Association (TOCA) released a video promoting the benefits of green spaces for recreation and leisure done by a high school broadcast production class.

The video can be viewed at:

The class at New Prague High School developed the video late last fall at the request of Den Gardner, executive director of TOCA and advisory council member of Project EverGreen.

“I felt it was time to have some fun with the joys people experience by playing sports, enjoying their leisure time and all the other activities associated with green spaces,” Gardner said. “People have a tendency to take green spaces for granted sometimes. I thought a video might be a great way to illustrate this.”

Enter Kiffin Deihl, a broadcast instructor at New Prague High School. Gardner approached Deihl about creating the video as a class project. The class broke up into several groups and each produced a video sample. The best segments of video from each class group were edited together to create the three-minute final version.

The song used in the video is a parody of “I’m Sexy and I Know It,” a popular song a couple years ago by LMFAO. The parody’s lyrics were written by Gardner and performed by New Prague High School seniors Andy McNab and Cody Sirek. Music instructor Rita Sapp coordinated the music for the video.

“It was a fun and educational group class assignment,” said Deihl. “The students got to experience first-hand all the elements of video production and learn about the importance of green spaces in our lives. They have much to be proud of in this production.”

TOCA also wishes to thank The Toro Company for providing some background video used in the production.

“We just want people to enjoy the video and encourage everyone to view it,” Gardner said. “I can’t thank the students enough for their great work in bringing this project to reality.”