The Landscape Industry Council of Hawai’i (LICH), a statewide volunteer organization 
representing Hawaii’s landscape professional associations, came together in 2010 to 
develop irrigation water conservation measures. The effort included a diversity of 
professionals, including landscape architects, irrigation installers, landscape 
maintenance, irrigation distributors, the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources, the Honolulu Board of Water Supply and large land managers.
LICH conducted an inclusive, collaborative and transparent process to develop practical 
and effective irrigation water conservation best management practices for the Hawaiian 
Islands. The industry identified through literature search 55 water conservation 
measures and conducted an outreach survey to the entire landscape industry top gather 

The survey results showed that Hawaii’s landscape industry wants to save water by 
using practical and cost-efficient water conservation best management practices with 
over 70 percent of the responses desiring 95 percent of the 55 conservation measure,” said Allan Schildknecht, LICH Water Conservation Committee member. 

With the outreach completed, the industry consolidated the 55 measures into 26 water 
conservation measures consisting of the 16 installation measures and 10 maintenance 
measures. LICH produced a 16-page color brochure illustrating the 26 water 
conservation BMPs. 

“The new LICH Landscape Irrigation Conservation BMPs color brochure shows users 
how to save up to 50 percent of the wasted potable water used in outdoor irrigation 
using practical and cost-efficient BMPs,” said Chris Dacus, LICH president. 

LICH is now working on the implementation measures for advocacy, industry outreach, 
LEED integration, professional conservation training and certification, consumer rebate 
incentives, and research of water efficient irrigation equipment in actual Hawaii 

For additional information contact Chris Dacus at  808-927-3503 or email him at [email protected]