Noon Turf Care’s CFO, Stephanie Lee, and management team of 12 attended the Green Systems Annual Software conference where she was the keynote speaker.

Lee told her inspiring life story where she overcame adversity and many challenges throughout her personal life and professional career to get to where she is today. She explains how she started at Noon Turf Care as an administrative assistant when Noon Turf was a small startup company with only six employees and worked her way up to CFO in five years where the company now employs over 50 professionals.

Lee was so successful early on at Noon Turf Care that owners Matt and Chris Noon offered to assist her in paying for her undergraduate degree to retain her employment at their company long term. This past year Lee was named the CFO of the year by the Boston Business Journal. 

Lee finished her speech by saying, “The advice I can give younger professionals looking to work their way up in a company is as difficulties arise, just remember you’re stronger than you think you are. Never use the setbacks and losses in your life as a crutch.” 

Noon Turf Care and its team spent three days at the conference attending software training classes, networking and learning new techniques they could apply to further improve their company. Everyone had a great time learning new software updates, team building and enjoying the fantastic Florida weather.

Photo: Stephanie Lee, CFO of Noon Turf Care, speaks at the Real Green Systems Industry Conference in Orlando, Fla.