LOUISVILLE,Ky. – QRcodes are starting to show up everywhre, including the new Vanguard single-cylinder and V-twin engines, which was previewed at the Green Industry Expo (GIE) here in late October. These square barcodes can be scanned with a smart phonebarcode reader and direct the user to vital information for that specific enginemodel.

The Vanguard Power Code (available on engines manufactured beginning in 2012) will provide the equipment operator or maintenance/shop personnel with valuable in-field information.

"For turf and construction professionals, equipment downtime on the jobsite causes frustration and costs money.," says Dan Roche, marketing manager for Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power. "TheVanguard Power Code gets immediate information directly to the operator regardless of where they are located so they can get back to work quickly."

In addition to jobsite troubleshooting guidelines, equipment users that scan the Vanguard Power Code will find:

. Dealer locator – via GPS or zip code search
. FAQs – includes answers to operation and maintenance questions
. Parts lists – common replacement parts for the specific engine
. Recommended maintenance instructions and schedules – includes oil recommendations
. Advanced troubleshooting information – for more technical engine repairs at the shop
. Owner’s manuals -by request or PDF download to the user’s phone
. Language preference – All Vanguard Power Codes will have information available in English or Spanish.