HALL, N.Y. – SEEDWAY has published the latest edition of its 2016 Commercial Turf Products Catalog, featuring the newest varieties of cool-season turfgrasses currently available along with a complete listing of all of SEEDWAY’s commercial stock mixes and retail/consumer turf mixes that are readily available. There is also a description of SEEDWAY’s turfgrass research farm in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Almost all of its turfgrass products are tested at this site prior to commercial release, assuring quality varieties adapted to our region.

In addition, there is an extensive listing of erosion control blankets and hydroseeding mulches, from cellulose mulch to the bonded fiber matrix to flexible growth mediums.

SEEDWAY also carries a full line of products for sports fields, from soil amendments to clay products, from pitching mounds to growth blankets to sideline and mound covers.

To obtain your free copy of SEEDWAY’s 2016 Commercial Turf Products Catalog, email Pamela Bailey at [email protected].

For questions regarding turf seed products or variety selections, email Fred Mohr, turf seed business manager, at [email protected].