To aid in preparing the companies and individuals who remove snow and ice from parking lots, parking garages and sidewalks, the Snow & Ice Management Association has launched a comprehensive online training system called the Advanced Snow Management Training program. In conjunction with this launch, SIMA has unveiled a new industry designation, the Advanced Snow Manager.

The ASM program includes these four online certificate courses:

  • Core Principles. This certificate course covers standardized basic safety for snow, interpreting a site map, instruction on the variables of winter weather, and standards for onsite documentation of service.
  • Plowing Operations. This certificate focuses on training for plowing, hauling and blowing, including preparation and maintenance of equipment, safe operation of snow plowing equipment and more.
  • Ice Management. This certificate trains on complex ice management techniques, including calibrating spreading equipment, understanding deicing chemical properties and applying deicing solids and liquids safely and efficiently.
  • Sidewalks Operations. This certificate relates essential skills and techniques for managing snow and ice on sidewalks, including identifying pedestrian areas, proper shoveling techniques, proper deicing application techniques and more.
  • Core Principles and Plowing Operations are available now, with Sidewalk Operations and Ice Management coming in early 2014.

Each of the four certificate training courses will be delivered online via, and includes an assessment at the end. A passing score secures the official certificate for the individual, and industry professionals can gain certificates in one or more of the courses. If an individual completes all four certificate courses, that individual earns the ASM designation from SIMA. The program is a standardized certificate training program, and should not be confused with a certification. 

Each ASM course is constructed using best practices in adult learning, consistent peer/expert review and long-term management by SIMA. Once purchased, courses are available to individuals for reference as needed. 

Companies and organizations can purchase individual training courses for ASM or they can create a company-specific training account to train multiple individuals simultaneously. For more information or to start training, visit