RICHMOND, Va. — At its recent meeting in March, the Virginia Agricultural Council (VAC) reviewed research project proposals and funded 21 new projects totaling almost $220,000, as well as more than $45,000 for four new projects for lawn and turf research. It also extended funding for a second year on five projects totaling nearly $50,000.

Funding comes from assessments levied on certain agricultural supplies used by farmers, including lime, fertilizer, feed and motor fuel used for agricultural purposes.

A special fund called the Seed Fund receives monies from an assessment on sale receipts from lawn and turf seed and must be used by the VAC for the exclusive funding of lawn and turf research.

Seed Fund monies for lawn and turf research include:

  • Dr. Shawn D. Askew, $12,000 for characterizing herbicide-resistant annual bluegrass.
  • Dr. Mike Goatley, $7,500 for the heating characteristics of tall fescue/Kentucky bluegrass and bermudagrass sods as affected by harvest season, daily time of harvest, turf mowing height and soil moisture at harvest.
  • Dr. Jeffrey Derr, $15,546, for selective control of perennial grassy weeds in tall fescue, seashore paspalum and bermudagrass.
  • Dr. Thomas P. Kuhar, $10,217 for efficacy of select insecticides on white grubs and earthworms.