MADISON, Wis. – Mike Yanny was among those receiving the Invader Crusader Award given by the Wisconsin Council on Invasive Species and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources at Wisconsin’s 10th annual Invader Crusader awards on June 5 at the Olbrich Botanical Gardens. 

Yanny has helped build bridges between the nursery industry, regulators and the conservation community since work on Wisconsin’s Invasive Species Rule began. He is the owner of JN Plant Selections, LLC and is senior horticulturist at Johnson’s Nursery. He has served on teams of experts evaluating species considered for regulation and as such has helped to foster cooperation with the nursery industry. He goes above and beyond, helping regulators construct good regulations and helping the nursery industry understand the need for, the value of, and how to comply with those regulations. Ultimately, Yanny helps to change attitudes so that we all can enjoy healthier natural ecosystems.
Photo: From left: Paul Schroeder, chairman of the Governor’s Council for Invasive Species; Mike Yanny, Invader Crusader; and DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp.