The Lawnmower Fender, Designed To Defend Plants


Introducing The Lawnmower Fender — a simple yet effective attachment for all types of lawnmowers to prevent damage to plants, shrubs, and flowers from wheels and blades when cutting the grass alongside these landscape elements.

Seen here is The Lawnmower Fender attached to left side of mower.

“This attachment mounts quickly and easily on most walk-behind, ride-on, stand-on or zero-turn radius lawnmowers,” according to Robert Sitarz of Manitoba, Canada, inventor of The Lawnmower Fender. “It’s simple yet unique design essentially does the job of an extra helping hand in front of the mower — gently lifting stems and branches out of harms way while the mower operator achieves a close cut without the need to go back and follow up with a string trimmer. Think of it like a cattle guard on a train — but for plants. It simply clears the path ahead so that mowing can take place without any interference. It basically does two jobs with one pass!”

The Lawnmower Fender is designed to benefit lawn and landscape companies’ bottom lines by allowing for faster service times, more efficient employees, happier customers, and less call-backs. “If word of mouth is truly the best advertising, then having happy customers is what companies should aim for,” says Sitarz.

The Lawnmower Fender can have significant impact on how professionals and homeowners alike mow lawns. Sitarz says, “This is not just a ‘better mousetrap’ but rather a whole new way of doing business and completing this routine chore.”

A pharmacist by profession, Sitarz is from the small town of Oakbank just outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He has created a simple website with photos and videos to illustrate The Lawnmower Fender in action. The attachment has been in use in his family for a long time as his father fabricated the first one years ago to appease his mother’s demands to come up with a solution to the kids damaging her precious plants as they rushed to get on to playing with their friends.

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