Tierra Verde Wins Awards From Orange County Chapter of the CLCA


HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. – For the 13th consecutive year, Tierra Verde Landscape, Inc. has been recognized for excellence by the California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA), Orange County Chapter. This year they earned five honors in several categories. 

Tierra Verde Landscape received awards in categories such as multi-unit residential landscape maintenance; retail, office and industrial landscape maintenance and landscape maintenance projects over 20 years old for their work in Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Irvine and Long Beach. These accomplishments were recently recognized at the CLCA’s Annual Beautification Awards Program, held at the Mission Viejo Country Club in Mission Viejo.

Tierra Verde’s awards include:
Landscape Beautification Awards:

  • Category: Landscape Maintenance Project Over 20 Years; Client Property:  Seawind Cove Homeowners Association (Huntington Beach); client since 1991
  • Category: Multi-unit Residential Landscape Maintenance;Client Property: Newport Ridge Homeowners Association (Newport Beach)
  • Category: Multi-unit Residential Landscape Maintenance; Client Property: Spinnaker Bay Homeowners Association (Long Beach)
  • Category: Multi-unit Residential Landscape Maintenance; Client Property: Ivy Neighborhood Association (Irvine)
  • Category: Retail, Office and Industrial Landscape Maintenance; Client Property: Cambro Homeowners Association (Huntington Beach)

Award entries in the Orange County CLCA Beautification Awards program are judged by a panel of expert CLCA members from outside Orange County who spend four days closely inspecting each nomination for the quality of workmanship and materials utilized. Each landscaping entry must adhere to industry standards and have properly shown an execution of detail. 

Seawind Cove of Huntington Beach, which won in this year’s Landscape Maintenance project over 20 years old category, has been maintained by Tierra Verde Landscape since 1991, and showcases as one of the most pristine landscapes at a condominium complex in the county. Seawind Cove houses more than usual amounts of plant material on the property. The landscape at Seawind Cove continues to be an asset to the site which improves the overall aesthetic environment as well as tenant morale. 

Tierra Verde Landscape was also recognized by the CLCA with a multi-unit residential landscape maintenance category award for their work at Newport Ridge in Newport Beach, a young contemporary housing community. Responsible for over 2 acres of landscape, Tierra Verde maintains a plethora of details on the property, including flowering vines that drape the tops of garage doors over every unit on site. Due to the coastal breeze and lower temperatures this property receives, all turf areas and flowering planters are very lush and require constant care. 

Additionally, Tierra Verde was honored with other awards in the Multi-Unit Residential Landscape Maintenance category for its works at Spinnaker Bay in Long Beach and the Ivy Neighborhood Association in Irvine. Both communities have low water-use plants that are California Friendly, which are irrigated with weather based controllers to reduce watering schedules. Spinnaker Bay is famous for its close proximity to Marine Stadium where homeowners dock watercrafts on the water and enjoy lush green belts to walk dogs or play lawn games, bright flowering beds and a large amount of mature shade trees on the property. Ivy Neighborhood Association first hired Tierra Verde in 2010 as a brand new community, and trusts the company to maintain plants that are both aesthetically pleasing, as well as water conserving. 

Tierra Verde won in the Retail, Office and Industrial Landscape Maintenance category for their work at Cambro in Huntington Beach, which Tierra Verde took over for maintenance and started immediately renovating the irrigation system and upgrading the plant material. Tierra Verde has won a CLCA award for this property in the past in a retrofit/renovation category.