Top 5 Stories On From 2016


One of the coolest side effects of producing content for is the analytics we get from the website telling us just what you want to read. It’s clear that the nitty-gritty information that helps you better run your business and do your job is what you want — and we plan to give you more of that in 2017. So here’s a look back at the articles that were most read on in 2016. If you haven’t read these yet, make sure you do. Most of your peers already have!

1. Trimming and Edging the Right Way

John Shackleford of Shackleford Lawn and Landscape in Indianapolis explains how and why training your crew to trim and edge correctly is imperative. “They think they know what they’re doing, but the next thing you know they’re getting too far into the ground and end up killing the grass around landscape features or trees in the yard,” he said.

2. What Comes First: Mow, Edge or Weed?

Drawn from a conversation on our forum site,, this topic received lots of answers in response to member mgarn’s question. Some agreed with the order he suggested — mow first, then edge, then weedwhack. But others said it depends on the type of turf you’re dealing with.

3. What to Charge for Aerating?

Another popular topic of discussion on, members try to determine the best pricing for this necessary service. Member JimLewis advises: “A lot of guys do aerating super cheap because they do so many of them each day and can do all of them in a tight area that they can get the rate down that low. Others do it for so little because their overhead is next to nothing. And, still others do it because it’s just a quick buck, and they don’t realize that they are only making money for today, and really not making the company any profit. Don’t be like that. Price your services based on your overhead: what you need to make profit.”

4. Ash Borer Expands Appetite

According to this article, emerald ash borer has killed more than 40 million ash trees in 25 states across the country. Sadly, it seems to be spreading to other species.

5. How Grass Clippings May Change Our Industry Forever

One lawn care business owner, Todd Graus of Wyoming, said he’s found a way to turn lawn clippings into a cash crop by using his Biopac’r to turn the waste into feed for livestock.

What article has been the most helpful to you this past year and why? Let us know!