Topdressers, Spreaders and Seeders


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The MULTISEEDER is a seeder and aerator for both initial and overseeding programs. Available in 54, 72 and 96-inch working widths, it features individually cast spiked rings, which allow the outer spikes to rotate more quickly without tearing turf. Punches over 705 seed holes per square yard.

Earth & Turf

The MultiSpread Model 320 is a 1-cubic-yard-capacity topdresser with a wide spread beater. It can apply a variety of materials, with a spread width up to 72 inches. It is available with two-wheel ground drive or hydraulic drive, and the 26×12.00-12 turf tires ensure easy pulling by 20 hp tractors.


The C24HDS broadcast spreader comes with the rustproof Ev-N-Spred PRO dual-port, adjustable shutoff system with repeatable, variable port settings. It has a heavy-duty twin-tube chassis with 250-pound load-bearing capacity; three-position, height-adjustable handle; and rustproof hopper.


The Ecolawn topdresser is a multipurpose, motorized applicator that can spread compost, renovate turf and apply organic matter. It has a poly hopper with a capacity of 11.5 cubic feet and 290 pounds of dry weight. The unit measures 34 inches wide and is suitable for residential and commercial use.

First Products

The Aera-vator with seed box has solid vibrating tines that fracture and loosen the soil without disrupting turf. The seed box allows use of both small and large seed with its seed cup design, and it is ground-driven to allow for variable ground speed without changing the desired rate.

Jonathan Green

The Green-Meter Rotary Spreader features large wheels to handle all types of terrain and has a large hopper to hold up to 10,000 square feet of material. The grip handle and design provide for easy, accurate applications. It contains spreader settings for all Jonathan Green products.


The JRCO Electric Broadcast Spreader fits commercial riding and walk-behind mowers as well as utility vehicles. Features include a molded hopper base with stainless steel gate controls, fan and vibrating agitator. The polyethylene hopper holds 120 pounds, supported by a stainless steel frame.

Lawn Solutions

Turf Revitalizers offer a true hydrostatic drive system and enough power to break hard ground up to 1 inch deep at 3 mph. The seeders are compatible with most sulkies. Features include 6 and 9 hp Subaru engines, 40-pound hopper capacity, 4-inch-diameter mixer and optional clear hopper cover.

L.T. Rich Products

Z-Spray spreader/sprayers offer capacities from 200 to 300 pounds, as well as 18 to 75-gallon spray capacities. All units have a hydraulic hopper system, varying spread and spray widths, stainless steel chassis, 50-foot hose reel, GPS speedometer, locking caster system and 16 hp Vanguard engine.


The 4300 Turf Tiger features a 3.2-cubic-yard heaped capacity and 7,500-pound payload. Optional extension sides further expand the capacity. The Saber Tooth wide spread beater provides spreading consistency for a variety of materials. Spreading attachments include spinners and brush.


The PermaGreen SmartSteer Magnum features steering technology that reduces operator effort. The unit instantly changes between two sets of working speeds with the turn of a knob and flick of a valve. The spreader is powered by a 5.5 hp, horizontal-shaft Honda engine.

Pik Rite

The Eden 1200 hydroseeder is equipped with a hydraulic drive system, 33 hp Kubota engine and a turret gun. A fresh water flush tank is standard. It also has a high-capacity pump with Spiral Trac, 12-volt hose reel with 200 feet of hose, mechanical agitation and dual controls.


The SS220 offers a 220-pound-capacity poly hopper with a stainless steel frame; heavy-duty, electric-controlled, variable-speed impeller; and gate and pattern control. Carrier frame mounts are available for Grasshopper, Walker, John Deere and Gravely mower models. Optional spreader cover.


The TurfSavr comes with an 8 hp Honda OHV or 9 hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine. With 1.6-inch blade spacing, it can slice to increase seed penetration and germination. It can also be used as a spreader or dethatcher and has 13-by-5-inch pneumatic rear tires and an ergonomic handle.


The WLS 20 can spread and topdress damp stockpiled lime, granular fertilizer, organic materials, sand and topsoil. The hopper has a struck-level capacity of 53 cubic feet, and the entire unit is PTO-powered. Fully loaded with sand, the unit’s ground pressure is 28 PSI.


TurfEx offers a line of bulk material spreaders that are constructed of patented, heavy-duty polyethylene. Designed to mount on tractors, utility vehicles or pickup trucks, the units are equipped with an auger for feed and control of fertilizer, compost, topdressing and other granular products.


TurfMaker offers hydroseeders in sizes from 380 to 1,200 gallons. Standard features include mechanical agitation for quick, thorough mixing and a positive displacement pump that enables operators to pump thin mulch slurries or thick bonded fiber matrix mixtures. Belt-driven design.

Venture Products

The Ventrac Spreader 220 can be rear or front-mounted and comes standard with electronic speed control and an on/off switch. Other features include a hopper cover, 220-pound capacity and spread widths from 3 to 25 feet. Designed to spread fertilizer, mulch, seed, sand and more


Buffalo Turbine

The BT-1000 Terratopper is a twin-spinner unit powered by a 9 hp Honda engine. Equipped with remote auger, spinner control box and 1-cubic-yard hopper.


DryJect allows the user to aerate, amend and topdress in one pass. Soil is fractured with a jet of water while dry sand or soil amendments are added.


Mounted or pull-type ST-100 Series units feature a 7-by-20-inch metering gate, fixed or tilt spinners, standard or deluxe controls and 1-cubic-yard galvanized hopper.


The GT-100 with 9 hp engine features adjustable gates, conveyor and spinners and is available as a tow-behind model or a utility-vehicle-mounted unit.


The WideSpin 1540 EC has an electronic controller that allows the user to dial in and set three custom application rates from ultra-light to super-heavy.


The TT2410 offers a 1-cubic-yard struck capacity, remote electrical console, EZ-Set metering gate actuator and fixed, tilted twin spinners.



The tow broadcast spreader has a 29-gallon capacity, 55,000 square feet of coverage, rustproof poly hopper and spread widths up to 12 feet.

C&S Turf Care

The Turf Tracker Power Pod is a ride-on unit that can be equipped with a 100-pound-capacity spreader attachment. It has a ground speed of 4 mph.


Offers a spreader with a 12-volt DC motor in a weathertight enclosure, minimal moving parts, low-profile design and optional gate assembly.

Cub Cadet

The XP stand-on spreader/sprayer has a 125-pound-capacity hopper, hydrostatic transmission, variable-speed drive and electric-start, 6 hp Kawasaki engine.


Spreaders come in 24, 36 and 42-inch models with stainless steel bottom and slides, spread plates, crank handle for shutoff and cam gauge for rate adjustment.


The Spreader-Mate is a self-contained, drop-in, 9-gallon-capacity sprayer that converts a broadcast spreader into a fully functional sprayer in minutes.

Ground Logic

The Pathfinder has a Honda engine and a heavy-duty Peerless transmission. It features a 120-pound hopper and is built entirely of stainless steel.

Land Pride

Land Pride’s spreader features an all-steel frame, three hopper sizes, one-piece polyethylene hopper, spin-type broadcast and adjustable delivery patterns.

Lely USA

WR series spreaders have Ejector Disc technology, 800-pound hopper capacity, side spreading adjustment and feed­ring for precise metering.


The T3000 applicator enables simultaneous spreading and spraying at 6 or 9-foot widths. Cruise control safely locks in speed, freeing one hand.


The Windmill C1310 has a 40-foot spread width, all-steel construction and 850-pound, 11.5-cubic-foot capacity. For tractors from 16 to 28 hp.



The SRT-074 Seed-Rite features working speeds of up to 8 mph, 74-inch working width and 10 high-precision metering cups for accurate, even spreads.


The EDGE Landscape Seeder has front and rear rollers, adjustable gate, drive mechanism and dual mounting system for skid steers and compact utility tractors.


The TSS-20 offers 26 heat-treated blades, five-position height adjustment, 60-pound-capacity seed box and infinite speeds from 0 to 3.4 mph.


The Yardmaker overseeder seeds and aerates in one pass. Available in pull-type or three-point hitch models and in widths from 3 to 8 feet.


The T30 Hydroseeder provides a solution for smaller hydroseeding projects. Use for seeding, fiber mulching, fertilizing, straw tacking, foliar feeding and more.


The 24SP AeraSeeder is 34 inches wide with a seeding width of 24 inches. It produces 800 perforations per square yard and has a 1.25-bushel bin capacity.


The Mataway overseeder has an 11 hp Kohler engine, castiron bore, 19-inch seeding width, adjustable seed density and 2-inch seed spacing.


The TriWave 60 has Wave- Blade technology to create optimum slit width for improved seed-to-soil contact and three floating heads to follow ground contour.


The TERRA SEED features spring tines, stirring shaft integrated into the galvanized seed container, low-pressure tires and calibration trough.