Topdressers, Spreaders and Seeders


The manufacturers listed in this month’s Product Focus on Topdressers, Spreaders and Seeders offer the turf care equipment you need to keep the turf you maintain in great condition.


Earth & Turf Products

The 100SP has a struck-level capacity of 10 cubic feet, 10.5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine, four-wheel stance for stability and hydrostatic drive.


The MX650 can topdress and spread up to 40 feet wide and has a capacity over 6 cubic yards. The swinging arm with hydraulic deflector allows precise distribution.


The CR-7 uses WideSpin technology for an accurate spread from light to heavy and up to 35 feet wide. The self-cleaning galvanized hopper can be unloaded quickly.


The BTD-20 Turf Topper features a 58-inch spread width, 3-cubic-yard capacity and variable-speed, hydraulically driven conveyor floor. Requires 20 hp.

Dakota Peat & Equip.

The 410 electric topdresser can spread more than 50 loads of sand on a single charge. Completely self-contained and towable, it uses a 48-volt, four-battery system.

John Deere

The TD100 offers a 56-inch spread width, galvanized steel hopper with 12-cubic-foot level capacity, two-lever metering system and infinitely variable metering gate.

Redexim North America

Model 1210 uses an adjustable rotary brush to deliver material in a variety of applications. The trailed unit has four pivoting wheels and a capacity of 1.3 cubic yards.


The MS4500 features a 1.4-cubic-yard capacity, polyethylene construction, fully electric operation and 18 PSI of ground pressure when fully loaded.


Topdressers have a wide metering gate and a longer hopper that can be loaded quickly without spillage. They are designed to spread materials, including sand, wet or dry.


Earth & Turf Products

The MultiSpread 320 features a 1-cubic-yard capacity, wide-spread beater, two-wheel ground drive or available hydraulic drive. Easily pulled by 20 hp tractors.

EarthWay Products

The C24HDS broadcast spreader has an EV-N-SPRED PRO adjustable shutoff system, rustproof poly hopper with screen, three-position handle and high-speed gearbox.


The self-propelled applicator is highly maneuverable, even up steep and uneven grades. Adjustments to mechanical systems are simple and require basic hand tools.

Ground Logic

Spreading and spraying equipment features Honda engines and stainless steel construction, with spreading capacities from 120 to 220 pounds and adjustable spray rates.


The electric broadcast spreader has a molded hopper base with stainless steel gate controls and agitator. Electronic speed control adjusts spread widths from 5 to 24 feet.


The Triumph spreader/sprayer offers a 150-pound hopper, 10-gallon liquid capacity and 5.5 hp Honda engine. The unit fits through a 36-inch gate.


The T3000 features 6 and 9-foot spreading widths, optional electric start, 16-amp charging system, cruise control and variable-speed diaphragm pump with Viton valves.


Spreaders offer three spread pattern options, all-steel construction and cone-shaped hopper for smooth material flow. The spinner fins are adjustable.

John Deere Landscapes

The Lesco Roto Drop spreader has an 80-pound-capacity broadcast hopper, 24-inch drop spreader diffuser assembly and independent calibration and on/off assemblies.

L.T. Rich Products

Z-Spray spreader/sprayers offer capacities from 200 to 300 pounds, hydraulic hopper system, varying spread widths and stainless steel chassis.

Lely USA

Broadcast spreaders have a Force Feed Spreading Mechanism and spread accurately up to 52 feet wide. Three-point hitch, PTO and ground-driven models.

Northern Turf Equipment

The SS 220 Spread-n-Spray has a 220-pound hopper and spread pattern that can be adjusted from 0 to 32 feet wide via the spread control knob on the dashboard.


The PS 200 has a 200-pound hopper, 12 to 14-foot effective spread pattern, front-wheel drive, continuous rotation impeller and optional side deflector.


The PLSS220 for mowers and UTVs features a heavy-duty frame, electric motor and skew adjustment. Options include a cover and hopper extension to 330 pounds.

Redexim North America

The self-loading Easy Spread comes in 52 and 63-inch working widths. An electric switch, activated from the cab, engages the hydraulically powered distribution drum.

Spyker Spreaders

Spreaders feature capacities from 40 to 175 pounds, Accu-way spread pattern and positive on/off system without cables. Seago International is a distributor.


Bulk material spreaders, made of heavy-duty polyethylene, are designed to mount on tractors, UTVs or pickups. Equipped with an auger for feed and control of material.

Valmar Airflo

The 1255 pull-type applicator has a spread pattern up to 24 feet, accurate metering system for seed or fertilizer, electric clutch control and 900-pound-capacity hopper.


The Windmill C510 offers a capacity of about 400 pounds, steel hopper, twin on/off levers, sealed gearbox and 40-foot spread width. Swath regulator optional.



The TurfSavr slices, seeds, fertilizes and dethatches. Lower the high-carbon steel renovation knives, with 1.6-inch spacing, to increase seed penetration.


The seeder attachment features adjustable gate control, Bob-Tach mounting system, front and rear rollers, and production rate of more than 2 acres per hour.

Bowie Industries

The Bowie Victor 800/1100 Hydro-Mulcher is powered by a 49 hp John Deere diesel engine and has a 3-inch Bowie Gear or 4-by-2-inch centrifugal pump option.


Seeders offer easy-to-change blade assemblies, folding handle, quick-remove hopper, 26 heat-treated multipurpose blades and covered, 60-pound-capacity seedbox.

First Products

The Seeda-vator’s ground-driven seedbox allows for variable ground speed when seeding. It is available in 60 and 80-inch widths and accommodates large and small seed.


The Slice ‘N Seed walk-behind unit has a 20-inch seeding width with 10 slits on 2-inch centers, disc or shoe openers, front-wheel drive and 8 hp Honda gas engine.


The SD22 offers a 30-pound-capacity polymer hopper, folding handle, adjustable seed gate, 12-gauge delta blades and 4.8 hp Briggs & Stratton or Honda engine.

Kasco Mfg.

The Vari-Slice is available in several models with widths of 3, 4, 6 and 8 feet. The disc angle can be adjusted quickly to move more aggressively over the ground.

Land Pride

The APS15 is available in 48, 60, 72 and 86-inch models and is ideal for overseeding or new seeding. It features all-welded seedbox construction.


The Brillion Till ‘N Seed uses a ground-driven tillage rotor system to till and mix in seed. The self-cleaning rotors and rear firming roller follow ground contours.


The GT 410 Vibe Seeder is an overseeder that seeds in front of vibrating pin spikes that pick up the seed, plant it and leave a tiny hole. Excellent germination rates.

Redexim North America

The Verti-Seed provides direct seed-to-soil contact at a spacing of 1.5 inches. This unit accurately deposits all types of seed cleanly into a slit for high germination rates.


The Mataway features an 11 hp Kohler engine, cast-iron bore and 19-inch seeding width. The seed hopper automatically shuts off when in the raised position.

Turbo Technologies

The HS-300E8 is a 300-gallon system with an 8 hp Honda engine, 3-by-3-inch pump, 16-inch tank opening and oval tank that promotes fast mixing.


The TurfMaker 325 is a 325-gallon hydroseeding machine with mechanical agitation, simple belt-driven design and positive displacement pump.

Wiedenmann North America

The Terra Seed dispenses seed from a galvanized hopper with a ground-driven belt. Spring tines open up the soil surface to maximize seed-to-soil contact.

B&B Technologies

The Ride-On Carrier 2 fits a Class IV receiver hitch and has a 750-pound weight capacity. It accommodates PermaGreen, Lesco and Turfco spreaders.


The GreensKeeper has soft, pliable bristles for fast topdressing incorporation without damaging grass plants. Rapid brush rotation causes turf to stand up.

Dream Turf

The Sweep-N-Fill II is a ground-driven unit that mimics push broom action and works topdressing to the crown of the plant. It fills aerified holes in two passes.


The Spreader-Mate is a self-contained, drop-in, 9-gallon-capacity sprayer that converts a broadcast spreader into a fully functional sprayer in minutes.


The GT 250 is a counter-rotating, gear-reduction rotary brush for greens mowers. It works well for brushing topdressing down into the turf canopy or aerating holes.

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