Tree Services: Taking Tree Care To New Heights


Editor’s Letter

I admit I’ve got a thing for trees. What’s not to love? They’re beautiful, provide shade, and clean the air. I tend to find my greatest peace while in the woods, hiking under their canopy. Which is why I loved working with Nancy Buley of J. Frank Schmidt & Son for the “Evolution Of A Tree” article in this issue of Tree Services (click here to download PDF). She’s dedicated her career to educating people about trees and in these pages she reveals some of the best varieties to withstand climate extremes and changing needs. This reality was brought home when, while working together, wildfires raged through Buley’s county, the center of Oregon nursery production!

Tree Services 2020
On The Cover | A stunning Redpointe® Maple (Acer ruburm ‘FrankJr.’) defines autumn splendor. Read more about it in this issue of Tree Services. (Image: J. Frank Schmidt & Son) Cover: Jessica Toal, Group C Creative Director

But while trees are being bred for disease and weather resistance, they still need proper care. So we turned to Bartlett Tree Experts for fertilization tips from two scientists in their Research Lab. My mother worked at Bartlett when I was a child and her colleague soothed my distress over Christmas trees being cut down by explaining it makes room for younger trees…. which leads to our third article. Husqvarna discuss the proper way to fell a tree—from cut types to crucial safety precautions.

Be it planting, maintenance, or removal, tree care is an important part of our landscapes. Chad Sugg of Backseat Goodbye said, “Love the trees until their leaves fall off, then encourage them to try again next year.”

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Tree Services: Taking Tree Care To New Heights

Fall 2020 • Volume 14 • Number 1


Evolution Of A Tree | Disease and pest resistant. Climate adaptable. Utility line friendly. Meet the trees for changing needs.

Tree Fertilization | Fall is the best time for feeding woody plants. Scientists from Bartlett tell all.

How To Fell A Tree | The chainsaw experts at Husqvarna want you to be smart, safe, and making confident cuts out there.

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