Trex Introduces Outdoor Fire & Water Collection



Trex Company announces the launch of Trex® Outdoor Fire & Water™, a collection of stylish and durable outdoor fire features, decorative planters, and water elements.

“Trex Outdoor Fire & Water is a natural extension of our ever-expanding product portfolio,” said Adam Zambanini, president of Trex residential products. “The pieces in this new collection are ideal complements to our high-performance decking and lend ambiance and style to create an ultimate outdoor oasis.”

The new Outdoor Fire & Water collection delivers the aesthetics, durability, and low-maintenance benefits that the industry has come to expect from the No. 1 brand of decking in the world. The collection is comprised of fire pots, fire tables, planters, water spillways, and water bowls – all made with heavy-grade copper and stainless steel manufactured in the US by skilled artisans.

Fire Pots and Fire Tables

Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes, Trex Outdoor Fire & Water fire pots and fire tables offer modern design accessories sure to add a touch of drama to any outdoor space. The versatile fire pots can be positioned almost anywhere to create a cozy gathering spot. When combined in a series, they provide an ambient boundary for larger outdoor areas. For even greater visual and aesthetic impact, the heirloom quality fire tables serve as ideal focal points and take an outdoor space to a new level.

All Trex Outdoor Fire & Water fire pots and tables feature a unique burner design that creates a larger, fuller, and more natural-looking flame that delivers the look of a natural wood fire. Other differentiating product features include electric igniters that are CSA certified and brass water blockers that minimize water intrusion in the burner and gas line.

“The allure of an outdoor fire is hard to rival or resist,” noted Zambanini, “These beautifully designed fire pots and tables deliver the appeal of an open fire safely, cleanly and on-demand.”


While fire features may make for special evenings, natural flora and foliage brighten the days. Trex Outdoor Fire & Water planters are designed to complement Trex fire pots and tables, as well as Trex decking, to create a cohesive outdoor living space. Each planter is made with durable, weather-resistant materials and signature design touches to create a distinctive outdoor living space.

Water Features

Few outdoor elements elicit the same reaction as a well-placed water feature. The soothing sound of trickling water instantly conjures calm and can tie together an entire landscape. Joining the Trex line-up will be a range of water spillways and water bowls designed to add beauty and tranquility to any outdoor space, including the following offerings:

  • Smooth Flow Spillway
  • Radius Smooth Flow Spillway
  • Cannon Spillway
  • U-Shape Spillway
  • Wall Mounted Bowl

Made of premium-grade copper and/or stainless steel, these elements feature expertly engineered baffles to ensure water flows smoothly and without clogging. All seams are fully welded and materials are polished for optimal performance and aesthetics.

Trex Outdoor Fire & Water products are manufactured by Custom Molded Products LLC., under a Trademark License Agreement with Trex Company, Inc. Warranty is provided by the manufacturer.

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