Turf Insect Pests Getting Early Jump on the Season

We here at Turf magazine can’t possibly know your regional conditions, but if you’re in or near the U.S. Midwest or Northeast you will find the Purdue Turf Tips a handy source of up-to-day pest, weed and disease information. The information is free and is a great heads up for anybody that treats and manages turfgrass.

As a result of this past "unwinter" east of the Mississippi, turf pros are scrambling to get their preemergent herbicides down as crabgrass is making an unusually early appearance. The same reportedly is happening with turf insect pests.

The Purdue Turf Team’s April 6 posting contains an early spring insect update focusing on billbugs, sod webworms, cutworms and armyworms. In a phrase -all of these pests are out and getting active in Indiana, so keep an eye out regardless of where you are.

Click here for the early spring insect update. You’ll also find a brief overview of black cutwork and armyworm moth activity on the site, and a link to download Facts About Phosphorus and Lawns, a new publication from Purdue.