When it comes to all-around, rough-and-tumble equipment, you won’t find a more versatile and useful tool than a skid steer loader. And, with the abundance of attachments available, many stand-alone tools become obsolete.

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Dingo TX 427
• Engine: 27 hp Kohler
• Operating cap.: 535 pounds
• Tipping load: 1,530 pounds
• Tracked
• Feature: Available with narrow or wide tracks, it comes standard with a heavy-duty, two-stage air cleaner. It also features four independent hydraulic pumps and ground pressure of 5.1 (narrow) and 3.5 (wide) PSI.

Blec USA

The Blecavator has a contrarotation rotor, equipped with special bolt-on blades, that digs up to 7 inches deep and throws material against a sorting screen. Fine soil passes through the screen and is redeposited, leveled and firmed by a rear packer roll. The unit is available in 52 and 60-inch widths.


Trip-Edge Snowplows come in 7.5, 8 and 9-foot models with a hydraulic crossover relief system and adjustable mounting height to accommodate both track and wheel skid steers. The trip edge is hinged on 1-inch-diameter, steel pivot pins with adjustable extension-style trip springs.

Earth & Turf

Home Plate is a weld-on attachment plate for use with universal skid steer quick-attach systems. It features full-plate sheet steel construction with 12 built-in holes for easy plug welding. It measures 3 inches deep, 18 inches high and 48 inches wide to conform to universal specifications.


Forkster offers a converter that switches a Bobcat MT to a universal plate for use with any universal attachments, including Forkster, Toro Dingo, Ditch Witch, Case and Boxer. Another converter switches a universal plate to allow Bobcat MT attachments to be used on other types of loaders.


I-C-MOR offers 8.5-inch, convex, powder-coated safety mirrors that are custom-designed to fit any skid steer. Designed to mount on both sides of the operator, they are fully adjustable by a swivel ball on the back. The mirrors come with 2-by-2-inch brackets and are mounted with Loctite adhesive.

K-W Mfg.

Offers a full line of Kwik-Way dozer blades for skid steers, including V-Blades, Six-Way Dozers and straight Angle Blades. All blades can be used for snow, dirt or gravel and are equipped with trip springs, skid shoes and replaceable cutting edge. They angle 30 degrees to the right or left.


Machinability’s line of snowplows includes 10-way Power V-Plows with tripping edges, 10-way Power Sidewing Plows with tripping edges, trip-edge and trip-moldboard straight plows and Sidewalk V-Plows with tripping edges. Standard sizes range from 4 to 21 feet.

MB Companies

The HL Power Broom comes in 5, 6, 7 and 8-foot widths, with a 32-inch-diameter brush. It is equipped with a four-point, self-centering swing system and spline-shaft hydraulic motor. The angle can be changed hydraulically, up to 30 degrees left or right. The brush hood covers 155 degrees.


The Rockaway prepares seedbeds, separating out material with a single rotor studded with mining teeth arranged in a spiral pattern. It removes rocks and debris as it tills and fluffs soil, and can level soil going forward. Four models are available to accommodate 60 to 83.5-inch buckets.


The Turf Magician soil cultivator cultivates, grades, seeds and rolls in a single pass. It also buries stone, sod and debris to help create mature turf quickly. The offset design covers one tire track. V-body blades dig with the point of the blade, reducing panning and providing better drainage.



• Engine: 41.8 hp
• Operating cap.: 1,100 pounds
• Tipping load: 3,190 pounds
• Tracked
• Feature: Standard Bob-Tach mounting system


297C Multi Terrain Loader
• Engine: 90 hp Cat C3.4 DIT
• Operating cap.: 4,200 pounds
• Tipping load: 8,400 pounds
• Tracked
• Feature: Advanced Machine Information & Control System

Ditch Witch

• Engine: 32.8 hp Kubota D1105-T
• Operating cap.: 650 pounds
• Tipping load: 1,860 pounds
• Tracked
• Feature: Stand-on platform


• Engine: 24 hp Yanmar
• Operating cap.: 850 pounds
• Tipping load: 1,700 pounds
• Wheeled
• Feature: 9.1 GPM auxiliary hydraulic flow


• Engine: 84 hp Yanmar Tier III
• Operating cap.: 2,700 pounds
• Tipping load: 5,400 pounds
• Wheeled
• Feature: Vertical-lift boom

New Holland

• Engine: 60 hp ISM
• Operating cap.: 3,150 pounds
• Tipping load: 6,300 pounds
• Tracked
• Feature: Rigid undercarriage frame


• Engine: 25 hp Kubota D1105
• Operating cap.: 500 pounds
• Tipping load: 1,450 pounds
• Tracked
• Feature: Joystick direction and loader controls


Atlas Copco

The SBC 410 hydraulic breaker features a solid, one-piece, cast-iron body and delivers an impact rate of up to 1,200 blows per minute.


Box plows clear snow up to three times faster than straight blades. Available with a high-grade rubber cutting edge or high-performance steel trip edge.


The SCX Straw Crimper has a spring-loaded, independent disc suspension that eliminates poorly secured, uneven installation due to rocks, roots and more.

CE Attachments

The EDGE Power Rake has a direct-drive motor, bidirectional drum and long-lasting carbide teeth. Available in 48, 72 and 90-inch widths.

Compact Power

The Boxer Landscape Power Rake removes existing turf and grades for new plantings in a single pass. It fluffs a 2-inch layer of soil to create seedbeds.


SC Stump Grinders have an offset design to provide better visibility and divert debris away from the operator. Hydraulically controlled cutter head arm.

Daniel Mfg.

The Beak is a forked grapple attachment for site preparation, debris cleanup and concrete removal. Available for mini to full-size skid steers and excavators.


The auger bucket with .5-cubic-yard capacity mixes, transports and dispenses concrete, sand, washed gravel and more. Optional hopper extension.

Echo Bear Cat

The CH450H chipper features a 14-inch chipper disc with two reversible, heat-treated steel chipper blades that handle material up to 4.5 inches in diameter.

General Equipment

The 471 DIG-R-TACH earth-drilling attachment is designed for use with lower auxiliary hydraulic system flow rates.

K2 Summit Enterprise

The EZ-Set multipurpose placing tool has numerous interchangeable lifting plates with capacities from 1,000 to 6,000 pounds.


The Kenco Slab Crab provides easy removal of concrete slabs and fits all skid steer models.


The 3000 series Cover-Up backfills trenches in one pass, features steel construction and powder-coat finish and comes with an offset or centered auger.


The landscape rake offers quick surface preparation to a depth of 2 to 4 inches. Two models have replaceable tines and can be used with or without a basket.

Rehmert Enterprises

The Extractor provides 10,500 pounds of pulling force to remove shrubs, along with all their roots, with minimal disturbance to the surrounding area.

Reist Industries

The self-loading galvanized broadcast spreader has a .5-cubic-yard capacity, spread widths from 3 to 40 feet and manual flow rate adjustment.

Woods Equipment

The BH90-X excavator-style curved boom features an optional mechanical thumb that allows the operator to pick up a variety of materials.


The SSPU broom is available in 5 and 6-foot widths and has 24-inch brush sections that come in polypropylene, crimped wire or a 50/50 combination.