Control Weeds Even on Rainy Days

DuPont Imprelis herbicide from Dupont Professional Products allows turf professionals to control dandelion, clover and plantains, as well as tough broadleaf weeds such as ground ivy and wild violets, even during reseeding or rainy days. Its single active ingredient has a low application rate and is the first compound in an advanced generation of herbicides. Imprelis is readily absorbed by plant leaves and roots, stopping the growth of target weeds by interfering with the hormonal balance necessary for normal shoot and root development.

Available in 2.5-gallon, 1-gallon and 4.5-ounce bottles.

Simple Chemical Sprayer

Wheelspray Corporation’s WS-495 Turf Wheelie II 10-gallon pull-type sprayer with 6-foot spray path features a motorless system, a tow bar to pull the unit behind a tractor or riding mower, and shut-off controls convenient to the operator. The pumping system and the tank are constructed of corrosive-resistant materials, and the unit can apply liquid fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides and growth regulators. The twin-wheel pumps spray a fan of solution at the rate of 1,000 square feet per gallon.