New Bayleton Formulation

A flowable formulation of Bayleton fungicide is now available from Bayer Environmental Science. Bayleton Flo is a water-based, suspension concentrate formulation that mixes easily with water to provide improved product dispersal. It is easy to measure and provides preventive control of a broad spectrum of diseases, including dollar spot, brown patch, fairy ring and gray leaf spot.

Tackle Summer Stress

Echo ETQ Turf and Ornamental Fungicide contains chlorothalonil and a novel pigment, which stimulates the plant components needed to improve summer stress tolerance. The technology behind Echo ETQ improves turf quality factors, such as color, strength, density and consistency, while controlling dollar spot, brown patch, leaf spot, gray leaf spot, anthracnose and many other diseases.

Available from SipcamAdvan, the fungicide is available in two formulations: Echo Ultimate ETQ, a spray-dried granule, and Echo 6F ETQ, a flowable concentrate.