Keep the Sweat Out of Your Eyes

CrownWear head liners’ advanced moisture transport system keeps a person cool and dry, while unique filtration technology keeps gear clean. Engineered to maximize comfort and facilitate the evaporation of sweat, the high-tech, versatile design is breathable, stops itching and even prevents sunburn. The dual-layer system enhances the body’s own thermoregulation, keeping a person cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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A Topdressing Advantage

The Advantage 3050 Topdresser by TurfTime Equipment spreads wet or dry materials. It features an even 50-foot-wide spread pattern, and four wide Galaxy turf tires for a light footprint. There is also an 8-foot hopper that holds 5 yards of level or 6.5 yards of heaped material, and eases spill-free loading with bucket or super sack.

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KIOTI Enhances Snowblower Line

KIOTI Tractor has expanded its line of implements and attachments to include three front-mount snowblower models designed to fit KIOTI’s line of CK compact tractors and DKSE models. The snowblowers are powered off the tractor’s mid-mount PTO and are secured to a special sub-frame that includes a quick-attachment system.

These two-stage snowblowers are available in 54, 66 and 72-inch operating widths, and feature center-balanced 14 or 15-inch-diameter augers to move snow quickly to a centerpoint discharge window where a high-speed, four-blade fan moves it directly to the discharge chute. The chute rotates up to 282 degrees, giving the operator a wide range of discharge options.

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Snow and Ice Proposals the Easy Way

The Snow Proposal Builder from Go iLawn gives a single estimating source for contractors to go from property measurements to proposal in on easy-to-use online application. Within minutes, Go iLawn users can assign weather events, equipment, production rates, materials, site photos and more to sidewalk and parking lot measurements, then export proposal data to an Excel spreadsheet or PDF.

The Snow Proposal Builder can be tailored to contractors of any size. Market-specific weather data is assigned by the user, and while a predefined equipment list exists, contractors can add their specific equipment as well. Users also have the ability to include terms and conditions, service descriptions, contract start and end dates, a signature acceptance page and a company logo.

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Blindside Weeds and Sedges

FMC Professional Solutions’ Blindside herbicide offers a solution for challenging postemergence weeds like doveweed, dollarweed, buttonweed and sedges in warm-season turf, including Kentucky bluegrass and tall fescue.

The dual-action herbicide works through both foliar and root uptake to deliver fast control and is registered for use on established turf areas, which includes residential, commercial and institutional lawns, athletic fields, and golf course fairways and roughs.

The dispersible granular formulations is available in a tip-and-measure package with a dosing chamber that accurately dispenses enough material to treat 1,000 square feet at low and high-application rates.

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Butterfly Valves for Turf Irrigation

Matco-Norca offers a range of B5 and B6 Series Butterfly Valves for use in turf irrigation. The B5 Series valves are available in wafer and lug-style in 200 PSI, 2 to 12 inches, and 150 PSI, 14 to 36-inch sizes. The discs are available in ductile iron, aluminum-bronze or 316 grade stainless steel with both BUNA-N and EPDM liners – with Viton liners available on request – and Teflon graphite valve stem bushings. For use in underground applications, B5 extension kits are available featuring a one-piece inner stem construction and BUNA gaskets for watertight seals in 24, 36, 60 and 72-inch lengths. The extensions can be “stacked” on each other to achieve desired length.

B6 Series valves are available in wafer and lug styles in 200 PSI, 2 to 12-inch sizes, and have a cast-iron body and come with a ductile iron nickel plated disc with BUNA-N seat and Teflon stem bushings.

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New Dripline Qualifies for LEED Credits

Techline CV dripline is now manufactured with recycled materials, offering a new opportunity to earn LEED credits on landscape installations. From Netafim USA, the 17mm flexible tubing features 2 PSI check valves in each dripper for equalized water application throughout the system (all drippers turn on and off at the same time.) Check valves also prevent low emitter drainage with elevation changes up to 4.5 feet.

The flexible tubing is available in coils from 100 to 1,000 feet for large jobs and works reliably in all conditions including clay, loam or sandy soil.

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