New Pattern for 2012

Otterbine’s 11th pattern in their 1 to 5 hp Aerating Fountain line, Omega, was originally developed though collaboration with one of Otterbine’s distributors and incorporates eight nozzles to create a simple, classic arch-styled pattern. Producing spray dimensions as tall as 18 feet and as wide as 22 feet, the uniformity of the pattern creates a striking display.

The Omega offers the same features, options and amenities as the rest of the Aerating Fountain line, including: truly interchangeable patterns; highest independently tested and published pumping and oxygen transfer rates in the industry; minimum operating depth of less than 30 inches; and 1 to 5 hp available in both single and three-phase. The complete package is ETL, ETL-C and CE tested and approved, and is available in either a 60 Hz or 50 Hz configuration.

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New and Improved

The DS 2800 S/T by efco has been improved to make trimming better for the user and the environment. The unit features a 27cc displacement engine that produces 1.2 hp and meets the EPA phase 3 and CARB emission standards. A vertical filler neck on the gas tank makes refueling easier and faster, and the new air filter cover makes servicing the air filter easier, while still providing full protection.

The updated drive shaft features a torsion dampener to minimize the vibration to the operator, and the new loop handle on the model S has been ergonomically redesigned. Along with the new loop handle, changing the trimmer line is easier with the new Tap&Go nylon trimmer head which features the Load & Go system.

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An App Specifically for Landscape Designers

Drafix Software’s PRO Landscape Companion app for iPad works in conjunction with PRO Landscape, Version 18 and allows users to create a design from scratch on the iPad using a photo taken with the iPad’s camera. Users then have the option of transferring the design to a computer to finish, or to finish it with PRO Landscape. If a design is started in PRO Landscape, it can be transferred to the iPad to show a customer, and changes can be made on-the-fly.

The app also lets users show their customers complete proposals, 3D moves and other design options created with PRO Landscape.

The app will be available on other tablets in the near future.

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Your Own Personal Kaddy

The Wheel Kaddy from Kage Innovation is specifically designed for contractors that are tired of the endless maintenance and repair needed to keep existing sulky platforms in shape. The Kaddy harnesses the longevity of universal joints for the main pivots and trailer-style bearings for the wheels, and features adjustable suspension that increases operator comfort, and relates to a better looking cut.

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Turfco’s Next Generation

Turfco’s T3000i series spreader sprayer is small enough to fit through a 36-inch gate, yet has the ability to cover 64,000 square feet per fill. It is ideal for commercial and residential properties.

Features include an innovative hands-free speed control system, which allows the operator to keep one hand free at all times while running the sprayer spreader, and trim-speed lock so operators can trim the property at a consistent speed, whether using the 4-foot trim spray or 15-foot wand, and quickly switch back to a wider application for larger areas. The variable-speed diaphragm pump features Santoprene valves for extended life, minimized maintenance and easier serviceability. The adjustable, high-pressure, high-velocity system creates larger droplets for the best spray with less drift and fewer callbacks.

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Self-Propelled Spread-N-Spray

The RS7200 Spread-N-Spray from TurfEx is powered by a 200cc Honda GX200 engine with a 2:1 ratio gear reducer. Its heavy-duty transmission includes two forward gears, plus neutral and reverse, and the unit comes with a hand-operated transmission disc brake, as well as a foot-controlled sulky band brake.

The hopper accommodates 150 pounds (3 cubic feet) of material, which can be spread up to 11 feet wide, and the balanced tank system holds 17 gallons of liquid and contains just one fill port for quick refilling. The sprayer is powered by a 2 GPM pump, and the low-pressure nozzles offer multiple spray patterns to apply liquid up to 11 feet wide. A spot-sprayer is also provided.

The machine is designed for smooth, safe operation with a low center of gravity, and handles rough or uneven terrain due to the sulky’s sealed bearing pivot.

Other standard features include a side deflector, fluid-filled tires, extra nozzles, flag storage and a built-in cup holder.

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Xtreme Bearing Solutions

TurfXtreme bearing solutions, a new line of sealed-for-life deep groove ball bearings for residential and commercial mowers from PEER Bearing Company, utilize PEER’s existing AgXtreme technology to seal out clippings and water, and maintain seal integrity when exposed to external force due to wrapping debris and pressure washing.

PEER TurfXtreme solutions comply with international bearing standards and are easily interchangeable for use in existing applications.

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Broad-Spectrum Fungicide in Convenient Granular Formulation

Pillar G fungicide, from BASF Professional Turf & Ornamentals, combines triticonazole, the same active ingredient in Trinity fungicide, with pyraclostrobin, the same active ingredient in Insignia fungicide. The fungicide has a clay granule formulation for excellent spreading characteristics, and can be applied as a spot-treatment or in conditions inhibiting spray equipment.

Turfgrass diseases controlled by Pillar G include dollar spot, anthracnose, patch diseases (including brown patch, large patch, take-all patch and summer patch), snow mold and leaf spot, and it can be used in most turfgrass types on residential, commercial and institutional lawns, golf courses, sod farms, sports fields, recreational areas, parks, and cemeteries.

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A One-Application Solution

Agrium Advanced Technologies’ Spread it & Forget it 14-14-14 Season-Long Landscape Fertilizer is designed to offer turf professionals the ability to round out their turf-oriented operations by effectively feeding trees, shrubs and flowerbeds all season long with just one fertilizer application. This allows trees, shrubs and flowerbeds to get the right nutrition at the right time with just one fertilizer application, giving landscapers more time to focus on other areas of their operation.

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It’s Easy Being Green

Optimizer Green Shade from United Turf Alliance is a green pigment spray additive that enhances turf quality and appearance, while blending color variations caused by stress, phytotoxicity and cultivar inconsistency. It also improves application accuracy by serving as a spray pattern indicator.

Optimizer Green Shade protects turf from the negative impact of UV sunlight and is tank mix compatible with most fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, wetting agents and plant growth regulators. It can also be used as a recurrent component of a spray program and to provide green color to dormant turfgrass.

The labeled application rate is 15 to 20 fluid ounces per acre applied in a minimum of 50 gallons of water per acre.

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