Update Your Video Strategy to Keep Up with the Video Generation


Hannah TigheSuccessful landscape and lawn care companies build their reputation and business through great word of mouth from their satisfied clients. Many of these clients are Baby Boomers. The issue many of landscape and lawn care companies now face is how to appeal to younger generations of consumers?

It’s no secret that consumers, and especially younger consumers, are spending increasingly more time on their mobile devices consuming videos. A recent consumer survey by Animoto found, in terms of brands, Millennials vastly prefer video as their means of communication. The survey said, “80 percent of them use video when researching a purchasing decision.”

As the Millennial Generation (birth years ranging from the early 1980s to the early 2000s) begins to rise in the marketplace, green industry service providers must account for these tech-savvy consumers in their marketing strategies. These younger consumers want more transparency, and are more apt to comparison shop. So how will your company adapt to capture their attention?

Here are some key findings from another survey, which charts the rise of video as preferred content for consumers, along with some additional suggestions about how to incorporate them into your marketing mix:

Show who you are: About half of the Millennials surveyed said customers said “about us” videos are very helpful in influencing their buying decision for a product or service. Consider a short video telling prospects about your company, about your key players, what your company is all about and your company’s participation in your community. Everyone loves a good story, and this generation is no different. Tell your story and stand apart from your competition.

Customer testimonials: “56 percent of consumers surveyed said video testimonials from your clients are helpful when purchasing a product/service”. A recent finding by Search Engine Land, shows that up to “88 percent of consumers surveyed trust online proof as much as personal recommendations.” Let prospects know what your customers saying about you! Ask your most delighted customers if they would be willing to do a short, less than 60-second video, about their great experiences with your company.

Demonstrate your key services: “80 percent of consumers say a video showing how a product or service works is important when learning about the company.” While you don’t have to give the farm away for free, educating your potential clients, and giving them a glimpse of your processes not only showcases your expertise, it also highlights the huge amount of work, and skill-based knowledge you and your employees possess. Once you have developed a few videos make sure to post them on your social media sites, your website and also within your email marketing to engage your audience.

Over to you! How have you used video in your marketing efforts?