What’s New



A Mower with You in Mind

Husqvarna’s PZ Series zero-turn mower is available in five models with Kohler and Kawasaki engines, and decks ranging from 54 to 72 inches, including a 60-inch LPG (propane) model.

The Hydro drive system uses 16cc Hydro-Gear fan-cooled pumps and Parker wheel motors to achieve ground speeds up to 12 mph. The cutting deck uses extensive CFD (computational fluid dynamics) modeling, as well as extensive field testing in various grass conditions to optimize flow patterns, provide high cut quality, even clipping dispersal and reduced blowout, even at high ground speeds. The wide mouth opening allows superior discharge in heavy cutting conditions so ground speeds can be increased. In addition, the deck lift features a foot-activated quick-release mechanism that allows the operator to keep both hands on the levers while moving the deck from transport to cutting position and back again.

Start Me Up!

Stens’ improved line of True Blue Starter Rope has an increased abrasion resistance from the rope’s coating and will not absorb humidity, and therefore will not lose strength.

The rope is available in 100 and 200-foot spools of solid braid rope.

A “Smart” Way to Irrigate

The ET-8 Series Controller from Aqua Conserve features an intuitive programming interface with “smart” features and daily “smart” operation as a stand-alone. The controller can also use real-time weather data, backed by Aqua Conserve’s historic/temperature technologies. All units include flow sense, master valve and Internet capabilities.

A Compact, Commercial-Grade Chipper

The S.H.M. Model WC 5500 premium chipper from Swampy Hollow Mfg. features a hydraulically operated feed system that can be run by tractor hydraulics or by an optional self-contained hydraulic system.

The unit is designed to be operated by tractors with 35 hp or higher, and can be ordered to fit both Category I and Category II three-point hitches. Hydraulic requirement for the hydraulic feed is only 6 GPM. The hopper opening is 28 inches square and the chip opening measures 5.5 by 8 inches. The chip chute can be rotated 360 degrees for accurate placement of chipped material.

All Jacked Up

The B-52 5,000-pound, locking, A-frame trailer jack from Rack ’Em Mfg. features a 15-inch lift, 7-inch bracket height, top wind, stainless steel locking assembly and universal A-frame fit. Simple key operation leaves the trailer jack disabled.

Plan, See and Prepare Jobs

Magnatag’s magnetic whiteboard 31-Day Crew Scheduling Board is an efficient way to plan work schedules and show them 24/7 to employees.

The 31-Day Crew Schedule comes complete with heat-fused magnetic whiteboard system, which is available in four sizes to accommodate four to 16 crews for up to four months; magnetic cardholders to show job locations and specifications; magnet circles in 10 colors for special job detail codes; magnetic month and date sets; and write-on tools.

Natural Nematode Control

Armorex T&O uses extract of sesame and other essential oils to create a pesticide and repellent alternative. This dual-action formula from Soil Technologies kills on contact and maintains a repelling action against most nematode species. It is compatible with most surfactants and conventional pesticides, and can be applied by hand or ground machine.

Small and Strong

The latest dual-pedestal design from Reelcraft, the Series DP5000, is smaller and more compact than its DP7000 counterpart for air/water, oil and grease up to .5-inch I.D. hose. These reels feature interlocking, steel-formed and stamped base design that provides excellent rigidity in truck mount service applications. The unique design also makes the base assembly strong, compact and resistant to vibration, and the unit perfect for tight spaces.

Keep Sweat Out of Your Eyes

The Sweat GUTR sweatband from Tunnel Vision, Inc. diverts sweat away from the eyes and eye wear. It features a slim profile design, which allows heat to escape unimpeded by the sweatband, assisting in the body’s ability to keep itself cool.

The GUTR works well with hard hats, caps and safety glasses.

Insulation for Turf

GreenJacket AFS (Air Flow System) insulation is a UV-resistant, nonwoven PET staple fiber, bonded with a blend of non-water soluble acrylic resins and allows for better air movement under the GreenJacket turf cover.

The AFS fabric can suspend a snow/ice load of 50 pounds per square foot and allow air flow to move freely underneath such a load; works in conjunction with the GreenJacket vent tubing system; is easy to handle and install; is unaffected by wind; and features integrated strength, yet is lightweight and easy to store.

Available in 80-inch-by-150-foot roll, with 1,000 square feet per roll.

Turn Your Ranger into a Convertible

Curtis Industries, LLC has introduced a modular cab system for the 2009 Polaris Ranger utility vehicle. The system allows rapid transformation from a fully enclosed cab to an open-air ride in 60 seconds.

The polycarbonate Quantum-coated windshield quickly vents for varying temperatures and is designed for full speed travel with the windshield open or closed. An optional wiper kit is available. Cab panels are made of thermoformed TOP material for all body panels, which offers low-temp impact resistance, higher heat deflection and greater dimensional stability than ABS or fiberglass. The cab features door and rear panel sliders made of Impact Modified Acrylic to allow airflow and access from cab.

Available in black, cab components—base frame, roof, windshield, doors and rear panel—can be purchased separately or as a complete cab.

A Trailer that Hauls it All

Triton Trailers has added three new models to the AUT series: AUT 1482-1, AUT1482 and AUT1682.

The AUT1482 and AUT1682 are heavy-duty, 7,000-pound GVWR trailers and are ideal for ATVs and utility vehicles, as well as hauling equipment, tractors and heavier items. They feature the same standard features as the other 82-inch-wide trailers, as well as come standard with a heavy-duty bi-fold ramp, thick extrusions and support legs to safely load full-sized equipment and low-profile design. They also have one axle of electric brakes standard, with the second axle optional.

The AUT1482-1 is a single-axle trailer that comes standard with an idler axle, giving a GVWR of 2,995 pounds. If electric or surcharge disc brakes are added, the GVWR is 3,500 pounds. This model features a 2-inch coupler, whereas the other two models have a 2 5/16-inch coupler.

Prevent Water Theft

ConservCo Water Conservation Products has expanded its line of Hose Bibb Locks to include model DSL-2, which includes a padlock and is designed to protect a standard, .75-inch outdoor faucet or hose spigot.

The Bibb Locks create a watertight seal when secured in place, preventing both crimes and water from flowing, even if the handle is turned to the full open position.

Make Mower Maintenance EZ

The MoJack EZ can lift 325 pounds and works on mowers with decks from 18 to 30 inches. It has a screw jack instead of a winch and mower units can be lifted with a drill or by hand. The MoJack EZ folds flat for storage.

New and Improved!

F.R.O.G. Concepts has updated the Grassbuster with a more flexible blade.

The Grassbuster removes clogged grass from the lawn mower deck with the flexible curved tip that conforms to the underside of the deck and does not scratch. The long stainless steel blade cuts through the debris on the mower skirt and the rubber over grip handle makes the tool comfortable to use.