What’s New!


Mow Slopes Safely

The Lynex Brushound LX1000 mows 70-degree slopes safely and quickly. This specialized flail cutter is gas-powered and radio-controlled up to 300 feet away, and is built with a wide stance and low center of gravity. From Rockhound Attachments, the 640-pound spiked tracked flail mower features zero-degree turning radius, wire-proof hardened cutter shaft protectors and highstrength welded steel unitized structure. Options include finish knives or dethatching knives, recover hook, warning lights, lift bracket and semi-autonomous area mowing feature.

Communicate with Power

The PowerGate 1000 provides unique customization of electrical control functions. This analog interface device is the latest from Digital Switching Systems’ omni-BUS series and features 10 switch inputs with indicators, can accept switching to ground or system voltage or accept input from a hall effect device. Supporting CAN, J1939, NMEA 2000, RVC and RS485-based systems, it also works with multiple connector schemes. It is IP67-rated and can operate in temperatures from minus 40 degrees to 185 degrees Fahrenheit.



Simple Site Prep

The Rake from Daniel Mfg., Inc. makes quick work of site prep work including leveling, grading and seed bed prep. It also clears debris like tall weeds, trash, larger rocks and more without piling up a lot of dirt. A dozer blade extension allows you to move more loose material out front for faster leveling. There are optional ripper shanks that can be lowered to loosen up undisturbed soil or deep compaction from heavy equipment. The Rake is available in 6 and 7-foot models with options and a 40-inch for walk-behinds.



Left-Hand Convenience

Country Clipper’s 27 hp, 52-inch Jazee Pro zero-turn riding mower now offers left-hand joystick steering control. The go-where-you-point joystick controls both speed and direction, and answers growing demand for single, left-hand steering operation.



Smooth Operator

The 2010 Ryan Jr. Sod Cutter features 5.5 or 6 hp Briggs & Stratton engines, 12 or 18-inch cutting widths and unique handle configuration. It is self-propelled with knob tread drive wheels for maximum traction and features vibration isolators to isolate handle configuration from vibration generated by transmission case. Optional trenching and mole blade attachments, as well as optional Tote Trailer, are available.

Weather Protection for Your Controller

Hunter’s XC Hybrid is available in a stainless-steel version for tougher weather protection and increased security. The XCH Stainless Steel comes in six and 12-station models, and six C batteries are needed, meaning a longer life. Free info! Circle 721 on the card.

The R-Gator Goes Anywhere

John Deere has refined the chassis of its popular autonomous vehicle to give the R-Gator an independent suspension and improved ground clearance. The updated utility vehicle now has a faster top speed, traveling up to 35 mph in manual mode, 11 inches of ground clearance and its four-wheel, independent suspension is fully adjustable for improved mobility.

Show the Snow Who’s Boss

The Poly Power-V XT Snowplow from The Boss is available in two models, the 8-foot-2-inch XT and 9-foot-2-inch XT, and features a super-slick poly surface that lets snow easily slide off the blade saving on fuel costs and minimizing wear and tear on the vehicle drivetrain. It is a multiposition snowplow with a 37-inch flared blade wing. Both models come with .5-by-6-inch high-performance cutting edges, synchronized blade movement with full blade trip design, SmartHitch 2 Attachment system and more.

Turfco Lightens the Load

Turfco Direct has redesigned the Aerator PRO-26 making it easier to operate. A new weight distribution has improved maneuverability, putting less strain on the operator. The unit requires 20 percent less lifting, while maintaining the same tine penetration. The lighter weight of the machine also makes it easier to load and unload.

The core depth remains up to 2.75 inches, and the PRO-26 comes with built-in weights and the water drum fills easily for added aeration weight.

A Backpack Blower Like No Other

The Bravo 65 is a 65cc backpack blower that features a Kawasaki TK series two-stroke engine that meets C.A.R.B. and EPA standards. Manufactured by Ybravo.com, the blower has an ergonomically designed harness with wide contoured straps for comfortable long-term use that feature a quick-adjust design to quickly adapt to multiple users. The frame-mounted throttle results in a very short and protected throttle cable and wiring solution.

Crush-Resistant Transfer Hose

A line of clear, all plastic co-extruded outdoor transfer hose that has a smooth interior and is crush-resistant has been introduced by Flexaust.

Flexaust Flextube PU Outdoor Transfer Hose is designed for lawn, leaf, refuse collection and mulch blowing applications. The flexible hose will not separate and is clear for easy inside viewing. It comes in several grades to meet OEM requirements.

Flextube Outdoor Transfer Hose is offered in 4 to 8-inch sizes with plain ends and 10, 25 and 50-foot lengths, with custom OEM color matching. In addition to urethane, they can be made from PVC for lighter duty applications, and thermoplastic rubber in varying thickness depending on customer need.

A Step Up

The Step n Tow swing-out step allows easy access to the pick-up bed or roof racks. From Step n Tow Systems, the hitch-mounted step fits any standard 2-inch receiver and features a powder-coated finish and 18-inch, 90-degree swing-out, nonskid, rubber foot step rated at 350 pounds in the open or closed position.

The Step n Tow can also become a versatile winch mounting platform with the addition of the winch mounting block.

Move More Snow in Less Time


Westendorf Mfg.’s Snow Scraper is a durable snow pusher that clears snow, ice or slush. The unit is skid steer and loader compatible and is available in 8, 10 and 12-foot sizes with capacities of 46, 58 and 80 cubic feet of struck capacity, but can push double that amount in front of the implement.

Its fully welded structure is made with high-strength steel and is reinforced for heavy use. The blade is rib-free so material doesn’t stick to the surface and is curved to roll material forward into a large heap to move more material longer distances without leaving windrows. Angled side plates are rounded in the front to assist the Snow Scraper over unseen objects, such as curbs and uneven surfaces.

High-Capacity Blower for Jobs Big and Small

The TM-70 pneumatic blower from Express Blower, Inc. spreads a variety of materials, including mulch, compost, soil blends, wood chips and aggregates. It is a fully self-contained, steel-framed aluminum box that features a 275 hp, turbo-diesel, Tier 3-compliant Caterpillar C-7 engine and is designed to work with a variety of tractor configurations.

The TM-70 is equipped with Express Blower’s patented material feed system, which features a solid belt floor and electronically controlled auger system with large motors that minimize stress on the unit’s hydraulic system, and features a 390-foot hose assembly capable of blowing material more than 500 to 800 feet.

Clean Sweep

CE Attachments has added the Edge Hopper Broom to its line of broom attachments for skid steers.

The Edge Hopper Broom is a bi-directional broom that sweeps in forward and reverse, and features a rubber skirt and protecting shroud to keep dirt and debris contained. These single-motor brooms are available in 60, 72 and 84-inch widths and come complete with hoses and couplers, as well as a bolt-on cutting edge to fit most skid steer loaders. Optional equipment includes a dust control kit and a gutter brush attachment.