Wildest Landscape Requests Featured In Wall Street Journal

What’s the wildest landscape request you’ve received? Photo: iStock


Even the Wall Street Journal has recognized that sometimes landscapers are called upon to perform crazy or impossible tasks. In the March 25 article, “Moats, Trampolines and Crazy Pools: The Wildest Requests Pro Landscapers Have Fielded,” by Erica Gerald Mason, landscapers, landscape architects, designers, and builders chimed in on their wildest requests. Here are a few (you’ll need a WSJ membership to read the full story):

  • A ride-on train to navigate among 10 types of gardens that had been installed over the past five months on a three-acre property.
  • A moat and drawbridge around a Texas estate.
  • A trampoline on a NYC terrace 16 stories up. No netting or railings.
  • Accommodations for a refurbished World War II Sherman tank. (This request was cancelled when it was determined the Belgian-block driveway “would be destroyed and have to be repaved every time they took the tank out for a spin,” said architect Margie Lavender of Ike Kligerman Barkley.)
  • A miniature golf course — complete with an Eiffel Tower and State of Liberty — that converted to an ice rink in cold months.

What’s the wildest landscaping request you ever received? Let us know!

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