2017 Product Roundup: Sprayers and Spreaders


Earth & Turf

The 100SP self-propelled, walking topdresser has a struck-level capacity of 10 cubic feet, is powered by a 10.5-horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine, and features a four-wheel stance for increased stability on hills. The 30-inch brush expeller helps with even spread distribution.

Earthway Products

The S25 Spray-PRO Mark III from Earthway has a spray width of 2 to 5 feet and up to a 11,600 square foot coverage. The unit features an adjustable height nozzle and a 2-mode valve operation. It includes three different nozzle tips of fine, medium and coarse to control application rates.


The ECO 50 Compost Spreader from EcoLawn is a tow behind broadcast spreader with an application spreading width of 3 to 12 feet and an application thickness of 1/8 to 1/4 inch. The newly designed hopper has a capacity of 11.5 cubic feet and helps with steady material flow for consistent, even spreading, according to the company. It also features an adjustable tow bar.


The Exmark Stand-On Sprayer Spreader features lean-to-steer technology. The hopper can hold 175 pounds of material and an extra 50 pounds can be placed in the unit’s carrier rack. The spread width is adjustable from 4 to 22 feet. The tank capacity is 20 gallons with a Remco pump with a spray width of 11 feet.

Graham Spray Equipment

The 300-Gallon Compact Unit from Graham Spray Equipment features a Tuflex fiberglass tank with wheel well cutouts to fit in a pickup truck. The pump is a Hypro D-30 with jet agitation. A 300-foot, half-inch Kuritec spray hose is equipped with a Lesco spray gun and nozzle.

Ground Logic

The Pathfinder XC Spreader Sprayer is capable of applying fertilizer and liquid herbicides. The hopper has a capacity of 220 pounds and the spray tank can hold 16 gallons. The unit has a heavy duty sulky hinge and a low frame design for hill stability, according to the company.


The JRCO Electric Broadcast Spreader can attach to a mower or UTV. The unit can be used for spreading types of granular and pelletized fertilizer, seed and ice-melting pellets. It is made of corrosion-resistant materials and stainless steel with a 2.2 cubic foot polyethylene hopper with a 120-pound capacity.


The new 2017 PermaGreen Triumph features the BREAKTHRU agitator system. It has a tighter turning radius and added traction from wheel weights. Along with low-volume spraying, it has a 150-pound hopper and 12-gallon (1-acre) spray tank.

R&K Pump & Equipment, Inc.

R&K’s 200-gallon fiberglass space saver sprayers are available with single or split dual tanks: the 200-gallon single tank, or split 150/50 and 100/100 dual-tank systems. The 200-gallon tank is 48 inches wide by 48 inches long.


STIHL Inc.’s new SR 430 backpack sprayer is liquid-only. While the engine is running, the pump continuously mixes and agitates the tank contents. It has a 3.7-gallon container with a pre-installed pressure pump for constant flow of spray. Three different push-baffle screens allow for adaptable spray patterns and direction.


Toro’s Stand-On Spreader Sprayer features Lean To Steer technology to control the machine with one hand to use the other hand for the control panel. It can move up to 5.5 mph with a large 175-pound hopper and a 20-gallon spray tank.

Turbo Turf Technologies

Turbo Turf’s space saver model can sit sideways in the back of a pickup truck or on a trailer. There are 100- or 200-gallon space saver sprayers with a compact tank that has an 8-inch fill well. The space saver comes standard with a hose reel and mount and 300 feet of half-inch sprayer hose with a 600 psi rating.



The T3100 Spreader Sprayer from Turfco features a 33-gallon spray capacity, the ability to fit through a 36-inch gate, a simplified control panel, improved wand with flow control and hands-free speed control. The unit can cover 132,000 square feet per fill with the 3-in-1 tank, according to the company.


The TT5000 Spread-N-Spray from TurfEx features a standard height-adjustable boom kit. Along with an integrated 17-gallon tank system, the TT5000 includes a front-mounted 84-inch adjustable stainless steel boom for spraying. A 12-inch polyethylene spinner throws a spread pattern up to 14 feet wide from a hopper that holds up to 150 pounds of material.

Valley Industries

The 200-Gallon Space Saver Sprayer from Valley Industries has been improved with Lesco design and a Comet APS41 triple diaphragm pump. The hose reel design features Hardcore Technology. The design features a chainless and sprocketless direct drive system and lifetime core warranty. It is powered with a Honda GX200 engine.

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