5 Content Ideas that Foster Trust and Engagement


Are your unsure of what to post on social media? Does the thought of what to post keep getting pushed back on your to-do list?

Here are 5 content idea guidelines to get you started:

1. Your Heart’s Work: People want to support people who give back to the community. Showing pictures of your booth at a local community event or your team participating or sponsoring local community charitable works fosters a sense of instant community and loyalty.

2. Your Excellent Employees: You may know your employees are great, but, for a client or prospect, having a person come to your home can be intimidating. Putting photos of your team and sharing a few funny facts or interesting tidbits about them gives a human element to your company. It allows a potential customer to feel a bit like they already know the person coming to their front door.

3. Positive Reviews: Social proof is more important than ever! When people Google your company, what are they finding? When they go to your Facebook page, do you have positive reviews? Having a satisfied customer write a glowing review is more powerful than any sales or marketing copy.

4. Tips, Tricks and Design Trends: Showcase your expertise and give viewers some helpful education and inspiration. Sharing seasonal tips and tricks to beautify their outdoor spaces boosts your credibility as an expert, and also helps them envision what ideas may work for what they are looking to achieve. It also showcases your genuine desire to help your customers–even before you get them involved in the sales process.

5. Before-and-After Projects: This adds even more proof of your company’s skill sets, and gives clients and prospects ideas they want to use on their properties.