5 Visuals To Set Your Facebook On Fire


Facebook is obnoxiously cluttered these days. Your marketing needs to be short, succinct and have attention-grabbing visuals to stand out.

Here are 5 things that many of you often forget that can make a big impact with the people you want to reach.

  1. Photos of Completed Projects: Showcase your great work. Good photography of your beautiful projects gives you instant credibility. These images excite and inspire property owners.
  2. Post Involvement in Community Events: Stay visible within your community, helping with civic events and supporting local charities. Choose projects closest to your heart. Involve your team. Be creative. Make your participation fun. Encourage your customers to come out and join the fun as well. Populate Facebook with lots of smiling, happy faces!
  3. Highlight Your Great People: Your employees are the ambassadors to your business. Let your customers and prospects know about them. Post photographs of them when they do something special. Include a few fun facts about them. Remember, these people are going to your clients’ homes. Seeing their face and learning a few fun facts makes them seem more human and gives your clients one more level of comfort and trust before meeting them.
  4. Kitten, Puppy, Baby Pick-Me-Up: Facebook is all about entertainment and humor! Having a cute fluffy kitten with boxing gloves saying “Pow Pow Monday” may not seem relevant to landscaping, but it is relevant to people. Find funny but tasteful images and quotes you can use to give your customers that little pick-me-up. A great resource to create images like this inexpensively is www.Canva.com.
  5. Reviews: Post great testimonials from emails, voicemails, etc., but get permission first. Put them on a graphic or colored background and use as a post. Again, www.Canva.com is a great resource to do these as well.

Add these 5 things to your content mix and you will be amazed at how your engagement increases.

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