Altoz Introduces The TSX 561 i Mower


The all-new Altoz TSX 561 i secures the difficult terrain jobs others can’t mow safely, by combining the fast maneuverability of a stand-on mower, with the unmatched steep terrain mowing capability of an Altoz track system.

The operator command center of an Altoz TSX is ergonomically correct with fully-adjustable hand rests, coil spring-over gas shock rider platform with optimally placed and adjustable lean pad. The low center of gravity platform allows ample room for foot positioning while side-mounted foot stands provide secure footing and increased control while mowing off-camber terrain.

The new Altoz TSX 561 i Stand-On Mower

Operator efficiency will add value to the bottom line when reclaiming steep slopes, low lands, soft and wet areas and rough and technical terrain quickly, confidently and safely. Best suited for commercial cutters, city utility departments, government entities, and multi-acre home owners, the TSX’s compact chassis, with clear sightlines, can make quick work while maintaining water retention ponds, lake and river banks, parks, road right-of-ways, ditches and reclaiming abandon lots.

The 29.5 horsepower Kawasaki FX850V-EFI engine has an integrated electronic throttle control helping power through those tough mowing conditions. And Kawasaki’s multi-port EFI fuel management system continually adjusts power to load, keeping blade tip speed constant and ground speed steady – Getting more done in less time with maximum fuel economy.

Other standard TSX features include a right hand side 8.5 gallon fuel tank, SmarTrac™ Pro control, solid state PTO switch, keyless push-to-start ignition switch and the patented SoftStart clutch control decreases mechanical wear and significantly increases belt life.

High-performance commercial Hydro-Gear® PR 16cc pumps and Parker® TF series wheel motors deliver quick response to the rear Altoz track system and smooth control for cutting speeds up to 10 mph. The fabricated 7 gauge laminated steel, 61-inch, HV All-terrain deck is equipped with industry exclusive six pivoting swing blades – forged and heat treated for exceptional long-lasting sharpness. With a sloped back rear discharge, the All-terrain deck can be adjusted in 1/4” increments ranging from 2.5”-5.5”.


TSX Track System
The patented, industry-exclusive TSX track system and rear axle torsion suspension work together to deliver maximum traction for stability with low ground pressure, minimal compaction and an industry-best ride.

The 11-inch wide All-terrain tracks are a molded rubber composite design with lateral reinforcement to traverse over ruts smoothly and provide needed stability for confidence-inspiring sidehill tracking.

The Altoz patented, industry-exclusive TSX track system

The internal design of the track includes a lug drive, driven by a steel sprocket at the heart of the track system. Engineered to provide a natural gear reduction, the drive sprocket produces extra torque required to traverse soft terrain and slopes without a significant reduction in speed. The positive internal drive lug is a direct drive system. The debris deflecting chute and self-cleaning design continually works sand, mud and grass out of the track, keeping the rail clear.

Steel inner and outer idler wheels and track alignment lugs keep the track aligned. Double sealed wheel bearings keep out contaminants to extend the bearing life under the harshest conditions.

All-terrain tracks are standard equipment on the TSX 561 i and are ideal for side hilling, soft and rough terrain and areas other mowers can’t mow or mow safely.

Kawasaki FX850V-EFI Engine
Major power and commercial-grade strength are on tap from the Kawasaki FX850V-EFI engine. The compact, 852cc, 90-degree V-twin cylinder engine features 29.5 horsepower, sequential multi-port fuel injection and smooth operation at any altitude or temperature with maximum fuel economy. The pressurized lubrication system, with high-efficiency oil cooler holds 2.4 U.S quarts of oil and multi-stage canister air filter is easy to access and maintain. Features a 3-year limited warranty from Kawasaki and can be serviced at any authorized Kawasaki dealer.

Deck Spindles
Altoz heat-dissipating cast steel spindles are engineered with multiple sealed bearings per spindle to keep temperatures low for strength and durability in extreme conditions.

HV All-Terrain Deck
When it comes to advanced debris management, Altoz 61-inch HV All-terrain deck constructed of heavy-duty, laminated 7-gauge steel with six swing blades and a sloped back rear discharge can process material in a hurry. The industry-exclusive pivoting swing blades are forged and heat-treated for exceptional, long-lasting sharpness, and protect the spindle, clutch and engine from damage if an immovable object is hit. Replaceable galvanized 0.200” safety chains on the front protect against flying debris and aid in cutting taller material by allowing it to stand before cutting. A hand-operated lever controls deck height in ¼” increments from 2.5- to 5.5-inches. The offset deck allows for better visibility on the trim side for a closer cut underneath and around immovable objects.

TorqFlex Front Suspension
The TSX is built with performance in mind, starting with the TorqFlex front suspension. Designed to complement the torsion axle TSX track system to deliver a smooth ride and reduced operator fatigue. Tapered heavy-duty caster bearings with a 1.25” spindle perform cohesively with the 3/8” steel stylized front wheel forks and flat-free 13-inch front tires.

SmarTrac™ Pro Control
The multi-functional weather-resistant SmarTrac Pro control touch pad represents a leap forward in technology — a solid-state PTO switch, keyless push-to-start ignition switch, and the patented SoftStart clutch control decreases mechanical wear and significantly increases deck belt life.

  • Solid-State PTO: The unique PTO design eliminates electrical contacts for the longest cycle life (250,000) available in the outdoor power industry. Arcing is eliminated and has no contacts to corrode or fail.
  • Keyless Push-to-Start: Enter a unique 4-digit code and start with the push of a button. Never lose a key again.
  • Patented SoftStart Clutch Control: SoftStart clutch control greatly improves the engagement of electric clutches. It decreases engine RPM droop on engagement, decreases mechanical wear and significantly increases deck belt life.
  • Monitors: This high tech gauge display features a resettable hour meter and tachometer.

LED indictors illuminate for parking brake, drive levers, operator present and PTO engagement. Plus it alerts you to low oil pressure, low/high battery voltage and reminders for 100 and 400 hour maintenance intervals.

Chassis, Operator Platform and Controls
The benchmark performance of an Altoz TSX stand-on chassis is courtesy of an ultra-rigid platform centered around the Altoz C-channel frame, laser cut and welded from heavy gauge steel. Up front, the intelligently-designed low-profile front viewpoint provides the best sight-lines for operators wanting to access the tightest spaces.

At the heart of the TSX control center is the ergonomically correct, adjustable hand rests and a fully adjustable, coil spring-over gas shock rider platform with cushioned lean pad. The low center of gravity platform allows ample room for foot movement while side-mounted foot stands provide secure footing and increased control while mowing off-camber terrain. SmarTrac Pro Controls and electric dial throttle control are within easy reach.

TSX Warranty includes: 3 Year Unlimited Engine; 2 Year Unlimited Transmission; and 1 Year Manufacturer

Visit the Altoz website to find out more about the Altoz TSX 561 i Stand-On Mower.