Ann Hunter-Welborn Green Industry Sustainability Awards Announced


At Hunter Industries, sustainability means “achieving a balance between the people we affect, the planet we impact, and the profits we earn.” Over the course of its sustainability movement, the company has realized this goal cannot be achieved alone. As a result, the Ann Hunter-Welborn Circle of Excellence Award, given annually by Hunter, recognizes outstanding individuals, companies, and organizations for promoting sustainable practices within the Green Industry.

The 2022 Ann Hunter-Welborn Circle of Excellence Award Winners are:

Stan Southwick, SLA Land Architect

Dedicated to sustainable design in the southwest desert, SLA Land Architects strive to deliver low maintenance, water efficient, and functional spaces for their clients. LEED design practices are followed on all projects whether certification is being sought or not. Dedicated to sharing these ideas, several SLA staff members allocate time to teach at collegiate design programs.

Glen Schmidt and Jennifer Montgomery, Schmidt Design Group

In 2007 Schmidt Design Group embraced the opportunity and responsibility of pledging a Sustainable Sites Initiative pilot project in the San Diego Area. The project remains a beacon of sustainable design practices blended with functional use. Taking the time to understand the relationship between stakeholders, site conditions, and project goals, Schmidt Design Group leads clients out of the comfort zone to deliver truly impactful projects.


Billy Krimmel, Miridae Landscape

With a mission to break down barriers between human-occupied areas and wild native habitats, Miridae Landscape believes that connecting these environments promotes healthy communities for both the natural and built environment. With each project they come one step closer to creating a network of habitat gardens and migrations corridors to support resilient populations of native species while providing education opportunities for human environments.

Les Hill

No two projects are the same and as a golf course irrigation consultant, Les Hill understands the importance of thorough site knowledge. From existing irrigation application audits and management to budget considerations and playability, Les strives to deliver long lasting solutions that maximize water efficiency with low maintenance products with a robust life span.

Ellie Kamara, Santa Teresa Enterprises Limited

In the remote outback of central Australia, the community children of Santa Teresa enjoy a game of Australian Rules Football. However, the exposed soil lot delivered less than ideal conditions, creating a dusty and dangerous play space for community members. Through the relationship between Santa Teresa Enterprises Limited and the Melbourne Football club, the play space has received irrigation and turf. This transformation has not only created a safe space for children to play, but it has also created a gathering space for surrounding communities to use and gather.

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