AOS Partners With RLCS To Bring MowFleet To American Market


Hopes to transform landscaping practices with robotic fleet system.MowFleet

Two robotic lawn care companies are partnering in hopes to transform the way professional landscapers operate. Together with IL-based Automated Outdoor Solutions (AOS), Swedish company, Robotic Lawn Care Systems (RLCS), is determined to automate and digitalize the landscaping industry, enabling professional lawn mowing at a lower cost and at zero emissions.
RLCS has introduced the MowFleet system, a robotic lawn mower system for cutting grass in multiple green areas, independent of the electric grid. “MowFleet is automation at its very best. Landscapers will get more done and achieve better results while addressing the labor shortage in the US. Not only does the MowFleet system operate independent of grid connection – it does so in a sustainable way as well. I see it as a significant addition to the AOS portfolio, greatly expanding our market opportunities. A win-win-win, with the end customer as the most obvious and ultimate winner. Finally, the end customer will enjoy a financial upside mowing lawns using automation,” says Joe Langton of AOS.
Kalle Andersson, CEO of RLCS, co-inventor of the patented MowFleet system for commercial robotic lawn care, is equally excited about the partnership: ”Both RLCS and AOS are companies with vast experience in the field of robotic mowers; both sharing an end-user’s perspective after working closely with these users for a total of 40 years.”
Andersson stresses the fact that landscapers can now be fully focused on their core businesses, knowing they will get the best mowing results using a future-proof and quiet system with zero emissions. ”We get similar feedback from wherever we present the system: Citizens welcome the staff operating our noise-free solution, as opposed [to] when they arrive with heavy ride-on equipment. The fact that MowFleet uses 98% less energy compared to ride-on mowers doesn’t hurt either.”