STIHL Makes Move To Increase Robotics Presence In U.S.


STIHL acquires 23% of TinyMobileRobots.STIHL

STIHL, a leading manufacturer of outdoor power tools , robotic mowers, and more, has made a significant investment in Danish robotics company, TinyMobileRobots. STIHL’s robotic lawn mowers share a strong technical kinship with the line marking robots produced by TinyMobileRobots, which are used in sports fields, road construction, agriculture, and more.

 STIHL Group has been closely following TinyMobileRobots’ growth, as the company has doubled in size each year. Recognizing the opportunity for further expansion, STIHL Digital acquired 23.8% of TinyMobileRobots. Private investor Anders Fauerskov, former co-owner of TC Group, will continue to own part of the company and remains a significant capital partner within the new circle of owners.

 “We have been looking for a strong partner capable of securing further growth and development – and partnering with STIHL is an absolute dream scenario. Together, we share a pool of knowledge, experience and skills, which will create great value for both companies…. To put it mildly, I’m very, very happy with this new development,” said Jens Peder Kristensen, founder and CEO of TinyMobileRobots.

 In five years, TinyMobileRobots has become the leading supplier of line marking robots, capturing more than half the U.S. market. Since the U.S. is also one of STIHL’s expansion markets, the partnership presents great potential and synergy. TinyMobileRobots’ line marking robots are powered by batteries, instead of diesel, and use significantly lower amounts of line paint.

TinyMobileRobots has also developed a PropTech-robot for measuring large indoor areas such as high-rise construction sites, storage buildings, warehouses and production facilities, where millions of square feet otherwise have to be measured manually.

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